Monday, 30 June 2014

Wear Crafts UKScrappers Challenge for June

 Welcome to the June Week 5 UKScrappers Challenge, hosted by Wear Crafts! You can join the challenge here.

This is a Marmite Challenge... you will either love it or hate it!

One of my new croppers was struggling with starting points for her layouts and then looking for ways to improve her work... which made me think hard about my scrapping process... so I realised, I adopt a kind of 'Good, Better, Best' approach.

I start off with 'Good' - basic shapes from paper arranged in a pleasing manner with co-ordinating colours, photo placed and title/journaling located.

Then, I do 'Better' - take quick photo of placement and remove all the bits to ink edges, add glitter, embossing or whatever to the basic shapes, refer to the photo and glue everything down.

Finally, I do 'Best' - add all the extra embellishments... clips, buttons, ribbons, icons, ink squirts ... whatever I want to add.

I could stop at any one of these points and have a nice layout... 'Good' would be simple and graphic... 'Better' would be distressed or defined... 'Best' would be whistles and bells and bling!

Now it is over to you... show us your 'Good, Better, Best'

First 5 points if you show us a photograph of the first stage... a 'Good' layout 
A further 5 points if you ALSO show us a photograph of the 'Good' layout made 'Better'
A further 5 if you ALSO show us a photograph of the 'Better' layout made 'Best' 

One photograph of each stage = 5 points for each photograph, so you can earn 15 points for showing us three photographs of the three stages.

There are a further 15 BONUS POINTS if you post photos showing the three stages 'Good, Better and Best'. 

So, each of my photographs would earn 5 points and because I did all three photographs, I would get the bonus 15. Show us the stages of your scrapping process!

If you want to earn a full 30 points this week, we want to see three photographs of each of the three stages! Told you it was a marmite one! Happy scrapping, jenx 

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