Thursday, 26 June 2014

12x12 Scrapbook Layout Using Dreamweaver Stencils

·         white 12x12 card
·         a large heat resistant mat
·         a heat gun
·         low tack masking tape
·         Dreamweaver Yellow  Embossing Paste
·         Dreamweaver Crackle Glaze
·         Stampendous Clear Embossing Powder
·         Versamark Clear Watermark Pad
·         Large Dreamweaver Stencil (LH....)
·         palette knife
·         spreader
·         bowl of  warm water and nail brush
·         Splendour Antique Ink Palette
·         Dreamweaver 1/4" Stencil Brush

Tips for Success
·         prepare everything prior to beginning the project, having lots of kitchen roll, tea towels and baby wipes ready on your creative table and in your cleaning area
·         have your cleaning area away from your creating area to avoid splashes and spills spoiling your project
·         set aside plenty of time to complete the project - an afternoon while the menfolk are watching a football match is perfect!
·         if you are unable to set aside a few hours, then complete a few steps spread over a number of days or sessions.
·         allow for drying time and don't try to rush!

Read through the instructions before you begin so you know where each step leads! Use the techniques you practised in Project One. Remember to clean your stencil between each media step - you are not prompted to do so in Project Two as we hope you have now learned how to care for your stencils and tools.

Lightly tape the stencil to the edge of the card and use  the rouging technique to layer colour through the stencil. Position the stencil below the first impression and repeat until both sides of the 12x12 card have been decorated with the inked design.

The next step involves heat embossing the design. Lightly tape the stencil to the right of the inked design. Press a small Versamark pad against the stencil appertures to leave the watermark 'ink'. Repeat until the length of the card has been used. Sprinkle clear embossing powder over the Versamark deposit and heat with a heat gun until the powder loses its matte appearance and becomes glossy.

Now for even more media... tape the stencil to the top of the 12x12 card, slightly to the right of the inked edge. Spread the Yellow Dreamweaver Embossing Paste through the stencil, using the spreading technique practised in Project One. Repeat at the bottom of the layout. The gap between the two paste embossed elements will be the space for your photograph, so there is no need to paste emboss an additional design here.  Leave this to dry completely, resisting the urge to heat with a heat gun as the paste will bubble.

When the Yellow Dreamweaver Paste is completely dry, lay the stencil over the design at the top of the page and tape. Apply the Dreamweaver Crackle Paste through the stencil. Repeat for the second element. I chose a very rough finish to this crackle layer, applying with a palette knife, without smoothing the paste using the spreader.

Leave the Crackle Paste to dry completely. When the paste is dry, replace the stencil over both designs and apply ink using a stipling technique. When the ink is dry, replace the stencil and apply a layer of Versamark. Sprinkle Stampendous Clear Embossing Powder over the designs and heat gently, using a heat gun, until the powder becomes glossy.

Place the photographs between the design elements. I matched the colours of the inks I used to the colours of the photographs. Decide which photographs you are going to use prior to choosing your inks so that you can create a coherent layout with complementary colours.

Layout with photographs and very minimal journaling, completed with a Sakura pencil.

Up close for the detail....

All the products used in this project are available from
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  1. Such a beautiful layout and a great tut - thanks Jen :)

  2. Dreamweaver course starts in the Autumn... :)

  3. Fab layout and great tutorial Jen!

  4. Fabulous layout Jen and thanks for super tutorial, hugs Carole Z X