Monday, 30 June 2014

Wear Crafts UKScrappers Challenge for June

 Welcome to the June Week 5 UKScrappers Challenge, hosted by Wear Crafts! You can join the challenge here.

This is a Marmite Challenge... you will either love it or hate it!

One of my new croppers was struggling with starting points for her layouts and then looking for ways to improve her work... which made me think hard about my scrapping process... so I realised, I adopt a kind of 'Good, Better, Best' approach.

I start off with 'Good' - basic shapes from paper arranged in a pleasing manner with co-ordinating colours, photo placed and title/journaling located.

Then, I do 'Better' - take quick photo of placement and remove all the bits to ink edges, add glitter, embossing or whatever to the basic shapes, refer to the photo and glue everything down.

Finally, I do 'Best' - add all the extra embellishments... clips, buttons, ribbons, icons, ink squirts ... whatever I want to add.

I could stop at any one of these points and have a nice layout... 'Good' would be simple and graphic... 'Better' would be distressed or defined... 'Best' would be whistles and bells and bling!

Now it is over to you... show us your 'Good, Better, Best'

First 5 points if you show us a photograph of the first stage... a 'Good' layout 
A further 5 points if you ALSO show us a photograph of the 'Good' layout made 'Better'
A further 5 if you ALSO show us a photograph of the 'Better' layout made 'Best' 

One photograph of each stage = 5 points for each photograph, so you can earn 15 points for showing us three photographs of the three stages.

There are a further 15 BONUS POINTS if you post photos showing the three stages 'Good, Better and Best'. 

So, each of my photographs would earn 5 points and because I did all three photographs, I would get the bonus 15. Show us the stages of your scrapping process!

If you want to earn a full 30 points this week, we want to see three photographs of each of the three stages! Told you it was a marmite one! Happy scrapping, jenx 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wear Crafts June Scrapbook Kit - Twelve Pledges for 2014 'Be Enthusiastic'

Wear Crafts June Scrapbook Kit - Twelve Pledges for 2014 'Be Enthusiastic'
The kit is now available on the website at Here is one of the layouts created using the kit. Make sure you check out the DTeamie blogs and our Facebook page for more inspiration. Happy scrapping, jenx

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Wear Crafts June Scrapbook Kit - Twelve Pledges for 2014 'Be Enthusiastic'

Wear Crafts June Scrapbook Kit - Twelve Pledges for 2014 'Be Enthusiastic' available HERE
The kit is now available on the website at Here is one of the layouts created using the kit. Make sure you check out the DTeamie blogs and our Facebook page for more inspiration. Happy scrapping, jenx

Thursday, 26 June 2014

12x12 Scrapbook Layout Using Dreamweaver Stencils

·         white 12x12 card
·         a large heat resistant mat
·         a heat gun
·         low tack masking tape
·         Dreamweaver Yellow  Embossing Paste
·         Dreamweaver Crackle Glaze
·         Stampendous Clear Embossing Powder
·         Versamark Clear Watermark Pad
·         Large Dreamweaver Stencil (LH....)
·         palette knife
·         spreader
·         bowl of  warm water and nail brush
·         Splendour Antique Ink Palette
·         Dreamweaver 1/4" Stencil Brush

Tips for Success
·         prepare everything prior to beginning the project, having lots of kitchen roll, tea towels and baby wipes ready on your creative table and in your cleaning area
·         have your cleaning area away from your creating area to avoid splashes and spills spoiling your project
·         set aside plenty of time to complete the project - an afternoon while the menfolk are watching a football match is perfect!
·         if you are unable to set aside a few hours, then complete a few steps spread over a number of days or sessions.
·         allow for drying time and don't try to rush!

Read through the instructions before you begin so you know where each step leads! Use the techniques you practised in Project One. Remember to clean your stencil between each media step - you are not prompted to do so in Project Two as we hope you have now learned how to care for your stencils and tools.

Lightly tape the stencil to the edge of the card and use  the rouging technique to layer colour through the stencil. Position the stencil below the first impression and repeat until both sides of the 12x12 card have been decorated with the inked design.

The next step involves heat embossing the design. Lightly tape the stencil to the right of the inked design. Press a small Versamark pad against the stencil appertures to leave the watermark 'ink'. Repeat until the length of the card has been used. Sprinkle clear embossing powder over the Versamark deposit and heat with a heat gun until the powder loses its matte appearance and becomes glossy.

Now for even more media... tape the stencil to the top of the 12x12 card, slightly to the right of the inked edge. Spread the Yellow Dreamweaver Embossing Paste through the stencil, using the spreading technique practised in Project One. Repeat at the bottom of the layout. The gap between the two paste embossed elements will be the space for your photograph, so there is no need to paste emboss an additional design here.  Leave this to dry completely, resisting the urge to heat with a heat gun as the paste will bubble.

When the Yellow Dreamweaver Paste is completely dry, lay the stencil over the design at the top of the page and tape. Apply the Dreamweaver Crackle Paste through the stencil. Repeat for the second element. I chose a very rough finish to this crackle layer, applying with a palette knife, without smoothing the paste using the spreader.

Leave the Crackle Paste to dry completely. When the paste is dry, replace the stencil over both designs and apply ink using a stipling technique. When the ink is dry, replace the stencil and apply a layer of Versamark. Sprinkle Stampendous Clear Embossing Powder over the designs and heat gently, using a heat gun, until the powder becomes glossy.

Place the photographs between the design elements. I matched the colours of the inks I used to the colours of the photographs. Decide which photographs you are going to use prior to choosing your inks so that you can create a coherent layout with complementary colours.

Layout with photographs and very minimal journaling, completed with a Sakura pencil.

Up close for the detail....

All the products used in this project are available from
Wear Crafts runs crops and workshops. A  Dreamweaver Course will run throughout Autumn 2014.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ross Papercraft Show, Rainton Meadows Arena

Only one more sleep, peeps! It's the big one! Ross Papercraft Shows Rainton Meadows Arena June 22nd, 10am-3pm. Are you excited? We are! Just wait till you see what we have for you! Viv is demonstrating some new inks and stamps which have been going down a storm with the croppers. Sigrid has been working hard on samples using the Christmas stamps. We have the new Graphic 45 Inks in stock, a fabulous range of Frantage, embossing powders and UTEE. All the new Dreamweaver stencils and Dies (oh yes, dies!) are on show and we have the new Stampendous stamps and die sets on an amazing bundle price. I have mega reduced scrapbook albums and a full range of Simple Stories staples. Make sure you collect a Wear Crafts Creative Space flyer with all the details of our classes, workshops and crops. Did I forget anything? Well you will have to pop along to see us to find out! Happy scrapping, jenx

Friday, 20 June 2014

New In! Graphic 45 Decades Inks!

New Graphic 45 Ink Pads... and available at the Ross Papercraft Show Rainton Meadows Arena on Sunday from 10am-3pm (if they last that long ) These inks have been designed in conjunction with Graphic 45 to ensure that they match all your G45 papers and projects. They haven'y even hit the website yet and I have extremely limited stock left on these... but don't worry, you know more will be available from the Wear Crafts Creative Space at Langley Park throughout the week. Don't forget to collect one of our Creative Space flyers on Sunday! Happy scrapping, jenx

(From the manufacturer: Graphic 45 Full Size Decades ink pads feature dye based inks that create a vintage look. Decades is the perfect ink for distress and mixed media projects. Featuring signature Graphic 45 colours that coordinate with a variety of Graphic 45 decorative papers. Dimensions: 10.16 x 6.35 x 12.7 cm; L 4" x W 2.5" x D 1")

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Working With Finnabair at Art From The Heart

Working With Finnabair at Art From The Heart

When you run classes and crops and workshops yourself, it is not very often you get to do things that are crafty and just for yourself. So you can imagine how excited I was to visit Art From The Heart (the home of the truly inspirational Dyan Reavley and a fabulous place to be) and work with the wonderful Finnabair! I mean, you know I love the Divine Mr B... but I was just about as excited for this as I was for his concerts! Enjoy the photos and if you get the chance to visit AFTH or work with Finnabair, I can heartily recommend it. Happy scrapping, jenx
looking all coy on the far left

what is my face doing here????

total artist and designer at work... magic

my cover #amazed

total groupie... had to have an autograph

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Card Making With Class at the Wear Crafts Creative Space

Just look at what the ladies created at our Card Making with Class session a couple of weeks ago. They took them home and finished them off and brought their homework back in for us to see! Fabulous stuff... every Wednesday from 12-2pm. Happy scrapping, jenx

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thumbs Up for Card Making with Class at the Wear Crafts Creative Space!

Thumbs Up for Card Making with Class at the Wear Crafts Creative Space!

The lovely Lynn says it all! Card Making with Class every Wednesday at the Wear Crafts Creative Space from 12pm until 2pm. Happy scrapping, jenx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wear Crafts Mini Book Monthly Kit - Page Details

Wear Crafts Mini Book Monthly - New Wear Crafts Kit Available on the website. Up close for the page detail now. Happy scrapping, jenx