Sunday, 25 May 2014

To Buy, or Not To Buy... That is the Question...

So I want your opinions.... I have some questions over on our FB page as well as here, if you want to leave me a comment. Thing is, I know what I like, but I need to know if you like it too! 

Now you all know I am a Wear Crafts D Ring Girl... I don't really 'do' post bound, so I don't stock many of those (only when requested and there are a few available at the Creative Space)... I think that D Rings are the dearer option, but they are also the more robust option... if you go for the quality option. Too many options in that sentence...
I 'road test' all my D Rings before I stock them... so here is my recipe for stocking:
* they have to tolerate my drop test (literally, I fill it with my pages and drop it on the floor so it lands on its corners and edges... I don't want bumped corners and I look for metal protectors on the corners)
* they have to tolerate the cram test (again, full to bursting, I squeeze it closed and squash it in my mimi... when I take it out, the D Ring inside must not be open)
* they have to come with page protectors to get you started
* they have to be compatible with as many brands of page protectors as possible)
* they have to have a smooth lock system so the page protectors don't snag when you turn
* the D Ring mechanism has to be secure and tight, but easy to open and close
So, I have We R Memory Keepers already and I have Sn@p too (they all passed my tests and I therefore kept one of each for (ahem) 'research purposes').
I know these are going to be good quality as they are We R Memory Keepers... I know they will be gorgeous because it is Teresa Collins Designs.... but gold? I would say 'yes please' and release the inner bling, but what do you reckon... leave a comment and let me know! If you want them, we will get them! Happy scrapping, jenx


  1. I like the first 3 (from the left) but not keen on the last two!

  2. I agree with Lesley. The padded gold one reminds me of an old fashioned photo album or filofax, and while the translucent one is pretty as is I don't think it would look as nice when full as you would half see layouts through the side iyswim.
    The one with the triangles is my fave :)