Friday, 11 April 2014

Rocking Your World Friday

Rocking Your World Friday.... on Friday!!!! Join in with the lovely Virginia here.

Ok, I know you have heard enough, but it has to be said oooooooooh I am going to see the Divine Mr B tomorrow. Oh my goodness, I can hardly breathe, I am so excited. No I am not obsessed (although FB friends may say 'oh yes you are!'), I just love an event, I love singing, I love dancing, I love screaming my little head off. I love feeling part of something bigger than yourself. I like knowing the words, knowing the dances.... I guess I like joining in. So I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself and rock rock rock all day tomorrow. Because, you know, life is too short to worry about what people think and how you present. I really don't care if people think I am a nutter! I have a good sense of humour... I don't do anyone any harm... and by gum I have a good time. The joy is in the little things and you have to find the pleasureable bits where you can. So MR GARY BARLOW, I am going to be the one screaming Like there is noone else there, dancing like noone is watching and living life properly to the full, like we all should!
And try telling me that this man is not a secret scrapbooker (lol).

I have had the nicest of surprises this week... a gorgeous and unexpected gift from the lovely Virginia... a fabulous unexpected visit from the lovely Lesley... and I dropped into the next stone down at weigh in this week. Go, me!

Have a fabulous week... expect to see more photos of the divine Mr B after the concert... and pity poor DS2, who is coming with me tomorrow. Happy scrapping, jenx


  1. Oh Jen you will be seriously struggling with your voice after the gig if you do all the screaming you've mentioned - hope you have a fab one!

  2. GO YOU indeed!!!
    It was great to see you Jen - you are lovelier than I imagined :)

  3. This post had me grinning - you sound SO excited! Hope you recover tomorrow (for I suspect you are mid scream as I type!)