Monday, 28 April 2014

Ross Papercraft Show Seaburn

We had a fabulous time at the Ross Papercraft Show at Seaburn. Here is a quick photo round up - see you at the next one at Rainton Meadows Arena on June 22nd. Remember you can join our (Inter)National Scrapbook Day Event too... there will be prizes! All the deets are here and we are updating throughout the week and right through the day. You can join in for a whole week after the main event so there is plenty of time to scrap, scrap, scrap! Enjoy the photos and happy scrapping, jenx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wear Crafts Scrapbook Kit - April 12x12 Layouts Using Prima Stationer's Desk

Wear Crafts Scrapbook Kit - April 12x12 Layouts Using Prima Stationers Desk
The Dteamie Layouts are coming in thick and fast... cast your eyes on these little beauties. If you fancy joining us, the deets are here...
Happy scrapping, jenx

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Wear Crafts Craft n Chat Crop - Scrapbook Kit Night!

So, it was Twelve Pledges tonight at the crop and my we had a jolly good laugh! Mostly at my expense, it has to be said! And your cruel words about the Divine Mr B do not have any effect on me whatsoever! Enjoy the photos and remember the kit goes live tomorrow morning. Subscribers will be receiving their email soon! Happy scrapping, jenx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Rocking Your World Friday

Rocking Your World Friday is the only place to be on Friday! And I am actually here on Friday! Visit Virginia to join in with the positivity!

Digging deep, my friends, digging deep....

Here goes... lovely day at Wallington... ...Gary Barlow... nice meal for DH birthday on Sunday... Gary Barlow.... almost whooping DH ass on Sunday at bowling... he was so cross... must be his age as I am pants at anything which requires coordination! Did I say Gary Barlow? Support from nice people... Gary Barlow.... and I continue to dig deep.... I am breathing... I am walking... I am loved... I have a roof over my head and food in my tummy... I am strong enough to fight on (again and again and again). Oh and I plucked up the courage to go to the dentist today and didn't cry and walk out this time (go me!).

Here is a funny funny video which you must watch.... even if you don't like the divine Mr B... this woman is my absolute hero... watch it right to the end and just look at what she does with her hands!!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and live life to the full (you only get one chance and it ain't a dress rehearsal).

Wear Crafts Scrapbook Crop, Durham

Wear Crafts Scrapbook Crop, Durham

So it is CRRRRRRROPPPPPP NIIIIIIIGHTTTT! We will be at Bearpark Community Association from 6pm if you fancy joining us.
Seems like an age since the last one... Twelve Pledges for April launches this evening. April's Pledge is to be prosperous... off to buy a lottery ticket then 
Sneaky peep??? Go on then.... happy scrapping, jenx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gary Barlow Scrapbook Album - Metro Radio Arena, April 12th Since I Saw You Last Tour Scrapbook Layouts

Gary Barlow Scrapbook Album - Metro Radio Arena, April 12th Since I Saw You Last Tour Scrapbook Layouts

Toot toot! The Gary Barlow scrapbook is finished... did you know I went to see him at the Metro Radio Arena  ? Used Chalk Studio 1 and 2 from MME. Oh we had such a jolly time. And the Gary scrapbook is for DS2... when he is older... to remind him we had a grand old time... really.... ok so it is for me but we have to pretend our scrapbooking is for posterity - right? Enjoy... and if you don't like the Divine Mr B, look away about now (obsession alert) Happy scrapping, jenx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ross Papercraft Show - Seaburn Leisure Centre, April 27th

We are delighted to be attending the next Ross Papercraft Show at Seaburn Leisure Centre on April 27th. The delightful Phil Martin is going to be in attendance and there are lots of well known faces from the industry showing on the day. Looks set to be the biggest in the North East! See you there, jenx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Gary Barlow - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Look away right now if you don't want to see gazillions of photos of the the Divine Mr B (aka Gary Barlow) at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. I am linking with the lovely Virginia to Rock My World Friday with her over at her blog here. Pop on over and join in... very inspirational it is too.

Starting with the funny photos... then moving on to the just plain gorgeous photos... there is nothing else rocking for me except this! Happy scrapping, jenx (And there IS a scrapbook to follow... I havent even finished my wedding album 20 years on... but my Gary album? nearly done!)