Friday, 28 March 2014

Dreamweaver Stencil Scrapbook Page Layout by Wear Crafts

Dreamweaver Stencil Scrapbook Page Layout by Wear Crafts...

Now I never thought the pasty, inky, gelli stuff was my cup of tea BUT!!!! I had an epiphany (well I had lots of epiphanies actually and said that word repeatedly throughout the two days) on the Dreamweaver course. I managed to make something I thought would be messy and unpredictable into something clean and controllable (yet with random results if that makes sense!). Sharing the first project I created after the course today... I have written a full tutorial to go with it, which I will post next week, after the Creative Crafts Show at Gateshead on Saturday... so if you have purchased your Dreamweaver products from Wear Crafts, you will have a project ready to follow! Happy scrapping, jenx


  1. Oooh this looks good Jen ... and I like the sound of controllably messy!

  2. Oh Jen that page is utterly gorgeous! I think I have their DVD but I've never watched it, it came in a 'mystery' parcel years ago - might have to drag it out, or just wait for your tutorial!

  3. Hi Jen, this is such a gorgeous layout! Carole Z X