Friday, 3 January 2014

Rocking Your World Friday

Just a quickie... which may get bigger as the weekend rolls.... make sure you pop over to see Virginia and join in.

I am thankful that 2013 is done over gone finished goodbye and good riddance.
I am thankful for a new year which will be bigger better easier more peaceful.
I am thankful that DS1 is pretending to revise to keep me happy.
I am thankful that DS2 has practised LEXIA throughout the holidays.
I am thankful for a fabulous day out on the coast on New Year's Eve - best place to be is by the sea.
I am thankful for my DTeamies and my croppers.
My family are ace and I am greatful for them.

And finally, I am thrilled that Sir Gary Lord of the Barlow was put on this earth to entertain us all on New Year's Eve. 2014 is the year he comes to his senses and sweeps me off me feet!

Happy scrapping, jenx


  1. Hey, I told you to get in the queue ;)
    Glad 2014 has started well for you lovely, you deserve it.
    Just doing a final "Daily Grind" LO before moving on with the new stuff :) xx

  2. Plenty to be happy about there. I enjoyed Gary Barlow too. I love to be by the coast too, but for a lot of UK it has been too dangerous this week, (or so they tell us on the news). Here's wishing you all you wish for yourself. Kate x

  3. Brilliant Jen, you made Glynn and i chuckle xx Jan

  4. Hands off Gazza! He's all mine!

  5. Oh fabulous stuff hun, loving the good riddance to 2013 statement - couldn't have put that one better myself if I'm honest!

    Promise to catch up properly on the DT side of things, it's been very busy around here recently.

    Hope you are OK and have a fabulous week ahead and glad you got to enjoy Mr Barlow on NYE - I was thinking about you when I heard him on the TV!

  6. We watched Mr Barlow - he was rather good wasn't he? Big hugs and let's get 2014 Started! Yeah!