Friday, 10 January 2014

Rocking My World Friday

In disguise...
Well I started the week with a stinking cold and then twisted my back and went from super positive 'new year has begun' frame of mind to' is it still 2013 the rubbish year that it was' frame of mind. And I thought there would be NOTHING rocking my world at all..... AND THEN.... DS1 sent me a text to say he had his English resit results and he got a B! Yay! He did it a year early and went to extra lessons, after he didn't get the grade he wanted before. AND he got an A for his Physics practical examination. Yay! So my world rocks this week because DS1 learned that if you do a bit of work you get better results... so onwards and upwards for his mocks next week.... oh we have a stressful three weeks ahead! Make sure you pop over to see the lovely Virginia and Rock Your World with her too. Happy scrapping, jenx


  1. Ooh Jen, hope the cold has gone and your back is on the mend. GO DS1 - you've made mummy a rockin chick this week :) xx

  2. Oh Jen I too hope the cold has gone and that your back recovers. Loving that DS is reaping the rewards for his hard work - awesome stuff!