Monday, 23 December 2013

Rocking Your World Friday at Christmas

Make sure you hop over to see the lovely Virgina here to find out what it is all about!
December 13th Craft n Chat Crop
So my world has rocked this week because...

  • I cleaned from top to bottom (yes I still have my cleaning issues!)
  • I finished loads of layouts (watch this space in the new year for lots of inspiration)
  • I received lots of unexpected scrappy gifts through the post from lovely people
  • Night out with the girlies for a fabulous catch up 
  • Did all the ironing (more cleaning issues!)
  • Planned next year's monthly project and finalised everything
  • Christmas Crop night!
  • And, are you ready for this one, lost nearly 6 pounds after two weeks of Slimming World (thankyou Davina)
  • And, are you ready for this one, wore a pair of jeans I have not worn for a year (yay!)
So Gary had better watch out in April because I will be there looking good in me skinny jeans, wearing me Mrs Gary Barlow TShirt in an AISLE SEAT near the front... well within clutching distance..... well a girl can dream.

Now, Funny DS2 story (ah the joys of a child with Dylsexia/DCD)... "Mam can we get the teachers those chocolate bunnies for Christmas."
(Mother looks puzzled)
"You know, the Christmas Chocolate bunnies - they are on the telly all the time."
(Mother says, it isn't easter)
"Not the Aldi ones, the proper ones with the bell and the horns - you know the CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!"
(You mean the reindeer, says Mother)
"Yes, them's the ones"

Ah me, he did this in the Summer walking down a beach on the Yorkshire coast... "I wonder if the camels will be there this year... you know the one's the children can ride on" (You mean donkeys) "Yes, them's the ones"

(I was meant to be this child's mother and he was sent specially to me xxx)

Happy Christmas, jenx


  1. Ah Jen it's lovely lovely lovely to see you here again! I love the story from DS2 - amazing children always! Worthy of a scrapbook page or two those stories!

    Seen as you have cleaning issues - can you come and do mine - I really can't be bothered! Tee hee

    Hope you have a beautiful, blessed and relaxing Christmas

    Much love as always

  2. Hi Jen, loved reading your blog today..hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and very happy New Year wishes to you, love and hugs, Carole Z X

  3. Hi Jen. I am very late visiting as I am just getting over flu! - bad timing! But I enjoyed reading your post, especially the stories of DS2. One of my lads had ADHD and my grandson has DCD. Not always easy, but very rewarding. I love your positive attitude towards him.
    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together. I am about to do a new post but Virginia hasn't done one to link to, so perhaps we are having a week off. I shall post anyway as my family all look out for it. have a great week.
    Kate x

  4. Brilliant funny stories :)
    Congrats on that weight loss, you go girl, but Gary's MINE you hear ALL MINE!!!!!
    Glad you had a good week, bring on 2014