Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mini File Folder Instructions

Mini File Folder Instructions

This has been a very popular construction technique as it is so simple and transferable to any size of card. It is so easily transferable as it works from a central fold line in any piece of card rather than working from central measurements specific to one square or rectangle. The easiest thing to do is use pre scored greeting card blanks as then there is no measuring to do at all! I designed this to be used with the Woodware Groovy Duo Box and Cardmaker, but if you use one inch or two centimetre measurements from the central fold line, you can make it using a ruler and a scoring tool. Once you are confident with the construction, you can start varying those measurements too. I have completed this with everyone from children at the schools I have taught in to croppers at our weekly event. Everyone who has completed the mini file folder project has commented on how easy it is and how transferable the technique is. It has more internal structure than some file folder designs as it has central struts and inserted side pieces rather than concertina style sides, which gives it more strength. The example here only has a limited number of compartments, but you can add as many as you like. The instructions which follow have been adapted from the workshop notes and the instruction sheet which accompanied the kit. 

Ok, so here we go... enjoy!

To make the file folder above, you should have five pre-scored cards. This one uses 5"x7" cards (so 10"x7" when flattened).

Use three pre scored cards to create the three sections of the file folder. Start from the central pre scored line and score 2cms on each side of that line. Fold as above.

To make the sides of each file folder, score the card as above. Start from the central score line and score at 2cm intervals until you are left with approximately 1/2cm waste at each end. Next, from the long edge of each side of the card, score 8cms. This leaves about 2cms of waste in the centre.

Cut six sides from the scored card and fold as above.

To make the cover, start from the central pre-scored line and score 2cms to the left and then 2cms to the right three times. The large panel glues to the rear of the folders, the scored lines form a curved overlap and the smaller panel forms the front cover.

To construct the file folder:
* glue the three sections scored first  * 
* glue the side inserts in one section at a time *
* glue the back cover to the back of the file folder *

Happy scrapping, jenx

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  1. Oooh, loving this Jen - what a fab little project - thank you xx

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