Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rocking Your World Friday on Saturday

Been MIA Rocking wise for a while. Make sure you pop over to see the lovely Virginia here and lift you soul. Here goes...

  • Saturday - sorting out spare rooms and cleaning (I maintain it is good for the soul)
  • Sunday - talking to crafters all day at Middlesbrough (photos on Wear Crafts Facebook if you want to share)
  • Monday - ohhhh a crafty day learning new things in the lovely Grassington (photos in same place as before if you want a treat)
  • Tuesday - walking up and down part of the Tees near a bonny waterfall and some caves.
  • Wednesday - walking round Barnard Castle (Tees again) and Egglestone Abbey (never been before - why? It is about 30 minutes away!)
  • Thursday - whole day catching up on paperwork (snore)
  • Friday - shopping for food (snore) and crop night (yay!)
  • Saturday - cooking a lovely meal (just finished it and it was yummy)
So what will next week bring? Loads of stuff I don't expect and can't foresee but I guess we all get through, don't we. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Have a lovely week and happy scrapping, jenxx


  1. Sounds like a lovely week Jen. Apart from whatever your quote is about cos that just isn't nice :(

    Have a hug xx

    1. Took the quote off suzy... you are right I wasn't being nice and that just is not me at all. Being more dignified and changed it to more me. Thanks for pointing it out :) jenx

  2. Jen hun I worded thst badly, I didn't mean you weren't being nice, I meant whatever had Happened to you wasn't nice, I should really check how things read before i hit publish
    I do like your new quote

    Suzy xx

    1. You never mind, pet! You made me be more positive and more like me - so thank you!!! Take care jenx

  3. Oh I like the quote hun, that's fab. Catching up on paperwork doesn't sound much fun, but bet it feels good once it's done. Mmm home cooking always good!

    Hope you've had a good week!