Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Do you know what... I have just more or less said I don't have time... but surely I have time to sit back and think of some nice things just for five minutes. Can't promise return visits... you know I am pants at that... but I really really will try this week as I think it should be a bit quieter this week. Make sur you pop on by to see the lovely Virginia over at Celtic House.
So rocking this week...
*Sunday - meeting lovely crafters and talking about scrapping
*Monday - lovely lunch at a Toby Carvery (very spur of the moment and actually very nice and I didn't have to cook or clean up so win-win)
*Tuesday - trip out chatting with mam
*Wednesday - nice walk on the Castle Eden Walkway
*Thursday - GCSE results... my just gone 15 year old (young in his year) now has two GCSEs - lazy little monster still passed on zero work - but can't understand why he didn't get Astars... erm you have to do some work, DS1, if you are reading this!
*Friday - crop night and Chalk Studio yumminess
*Saturday - Holystone crop.. lovely gift from a friend and made a bit of wall art... do you want to see it?

Words to live by.. hope your week rocks and Enjoy Everyone And Smile Every Day this week. Happy scrapping, jenx



  1. Another busy week Jen but how lovely to have a 'spur of the moment' lunch.

    I love that piece of art and the words are super.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have a lovely week ahead.
    Toni xx

  2. Sounds like a busy but great week Jen. Hopefully DS1 will take heed and try harder next year. Love your Picture

    Suzy xx

  3. Brilliant wall are, Jen.
    Sue x

  4. Oh what a fab list, wasn't expecting to see you so really pleased you managed to join in and you've got some fab highlights, the one about talking scrapbooking to people ooooh that made me smile it really did!

    Hope you've had a good week.