Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rocking Your World Friday... On Sunday Again!

Well at least I am here! Pop over to see the lovely Virginia here and join in with a rocking post... it really is a nice place to be! This week has just been all about getting DS1 ready for the Battlefields trip. Looks as though it will be interesting, sombre, emotional, moving and a bit draining. He is really looking forward to it and I am hoping he has a really good time. So me and the big lad had our tea at Chiquitos in Durham before the final trip meeting and it was lovely. We had a sensible conversation and spent nice time together - just me and him. So next week, I am scrapping all week to take my mind off it and keep busy! Here he is in all his stroppy teenage glory... my little bundle of joy all growed up...

And I am sure I have popped this layout on before but here it is again because it just shows how much he has grown...

My boys are my rocking things and I think sometimes I am a grumpy mummy and a snappy mummy and a stressy mummy so I am going to try to be better and be a yummy mummy instead! Well, I think I will always be a bit of a slummy mummy really... but I can try! Have a happy week ahead... jenxx



  1. aw I'm sure you're a very yummy Mummy! Super layout of memories and I bet the week will fly by, happy scrapping! Carole Z X

  2. OH Jen they really do grow up super fast don't they - I love the fact you got some one on one time with him! Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed week - much love

  3. Doesnt he look very grown up and handsome. I bet he will have a great trip

    Slummy Mummy love it

    Suzy xx