Saturday, 20 July 2013

Rocking Your World Friday on Saturday

Rocking Your World Friday on Saturday with Virginia... make sure you pop on by - it is a lovely place to be and even though it sometimes is hard there is always something to raise a smile...

So... in photographs...
my prize is on its way!

DS1 had a fab trip

crop night always makes me smile and Janice always makes me laugh
What else... lunch with mam... meal with family... shopping trip with DS2... sunshine on my skin... breathing space... oh, and 19 years of wedded bliss... and 21 years of living together under the same roof... and 22 years of knowing each other... dear me, that is a long time isn't it! Hope your week rocked, jenx



  1. Sounds like a great week Jen, that mug is just too cute and I hope DS1 had a fab time :) xx

  2. Oh Jen fab list, love it, love your cup - beautiful, glad your son had a good trip and your crop nights make me uber envious!

  3. Love your list, Jen. Isn't this great?!
    Sue x