Tuesday, 9 July 2013

12x12 Scrapbook Layout Using Echo Park

12x12 Scrapbook Layout Using Echo Park Dearest My Darling papers available here.

Great new discussion over on UKS... they want to know:

When did you start scrapping?
Do you still use any of the original things?
What new trends do you love? Use over and over.

Here is my answer... tell me what you think here and pop on over to UKS and add yours!

I discovered scrapbooking after DS2 was born. So around 2003 -2004 was when I started. I was bought a rather dodgy kit from a well known shopping channel as therapy and realised straight away it was what I had been looking for all my life! I am a terrible hoarder and cannot throw anything away, so I think I had been scrapping all my life without realising it! I have whiled away many an hour on Dolly's Dreamings and the Counterfeit Kit Club blog amongst many others, but I do keep popping back to those two almost every day. I love 12x12 and minibook making, but I am beginning to dabble with Photo Freedom, which I love.

I still use... buttons, brads, paper flowers, punches, alphas, ribbon and collected items.
I now use... die cutting machines, stamping systems, metal charms and washi tape!
I have yet to try digi scrapping properly.

I love scrapbooking... it is my therapy, my pleasure, my hobby, my 'get me through the tough times' and my family history. Bringing it full circle... I began scrapping after aforementioned nightmare experience and scrapping has become a way to preserve the things my family don't know, can't remember or might forget if I am not around. I write the boys little 'love' notes which I hide under photographs so they will find them when they are older and know that I loved them so much when I am no longer here to tell them. I want them to pass these big albums on to their children - they have already said they are going to fight over them when I am no more!

Scrapping is dead positive for me and I love it. I have made so many friends and met people I would never have met if I had not scrapped. I love the internet community I am part of and folk like Scrapdolly and Virginia (Celtic House), with their little words of wisdom, have made such a difference to me without even knowing that they do!

So there you have it... all about the paper and the photographs and the memories... I wouldn't be me if I didn't do this.

Happy scrapping, jenx



  1. Gorgeous layout - I love the line of buttons. It's nice to hear about your scrapping journey too. I started in about 2008. I still use buttons but most other things have changed dramatically! I am a trend lover and usually want to buy or re-create the latest thing! x

  2. Fab layout - love your colours! I have American family so started getting interested as a teenager when visiting, i got really seriously into it for a while and used to bring supplies back with me because we couldn't get them here! Then card making took over and I have loads of photos that need scrapping..ouch! Good to read your story, Carole Z X

  3. I love your answers and love the layout!

  4. Great LO Jen.

    It is always interesting to hear how folks got started with scrapping. I think I had always done something along scrapping lines (albeit rather more simple) because I could never just put photos in an album - I had to add 'stuff' to the pages LOL

    Toni xx