Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rocking Your World Friday - On Sunday!

Well I am getting later and later but at least I am here. And if I am rubbish at returning the visits, I am sorry, I am really trying hard to but I keep getting lost! Make sure you pop on by to see the lovely Virginia and join in. We should all call her the lovely Virginia now... that is what Royal Mail call her lol!

So, my main rock this week I think was receiving this lovely card from three croppers who have been with us since the beginning...
These croppers are now like real friends and family, you know. They obviously know me very well and those words are just perfect for me. Now, I know I am supposed to be positive so stick with this... I think I let the sad bits overwhelm me sometimes and the positives from the family, the children I teach, the customers and the croppers on Friday and at Holystone are just lovely. So I am taking hold of those... chucking out the 'let downs' and the 'can't believe that happeneds' and really dwelling on those lovely things. I think if we can just find a little something to make us happy every day, then that breeds happiness doesn't it? So, thankyou Virginia for doing this... it makes a difference to me every week. Happy scrapping jenx



  1. It certainly does Jen, holding onto positives, we've had a few weeks of wanting the world to swallow us up and hide but you have to take stock and find the positives in amongst life knowing that those that matter and those you love will stand right by your side. Hugs

  2. Sweet post Jen. Lovely to see you pop by. Take care xx

  3. So stunning, love the image and the colours and the sentiment is fab
    Lindsay xx

  4. Ah Jen, I'm right there with you getting lost. Don't worry. I get later and later with my posts and then later and later still with my visits.

    The card is beautiful , I'm not surprised it's such a positive :) I totally agree as well that searching out the positives breeds more positives. Hope you are having a lovely week x

  5. Jen what. Gorgeous card and it was lovely to meet you mast week at the Holystone crop

    Suzy x