Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rocking My World Friday

It is time to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative because it is Rocking Your World Friday! Ok so I know it is Saturday but better late than never! Make sure you pop over to see Virginia and rock your world over there too. It really is a nice place to be!

The photo of Gary is just because! Well actually there is a reason behind it... I had such a brilliant time at the concert and it is one of my happy places that I revert to when things are tough! It makes me smile and glow inside! This photo is the one where he sings 'I've got to say I only dream of you' in Relight My Fire so very appropriate! Sorry DH! Gosh I sound like a groupie! I am actually a very sensible middle aged woman, but we all have our moments!!! Moving swiflty on...

Saturday: buying DS1 a onesie! It is so funny... it has a zip that goes all the way up to the hood so we can zip him away if he annoys us. He has spent a long time zipped away. He now comes in from school, gets changed immediately and puts his onesie on. This is a teenage boy we are talking about here... so we either need to buy several more onesies or wash it EVERY day! If you have a nearly fifteen year old, you know what I am saying (he stinks with a smell I have never smelled before in the whole of my life!!! girls just don't smell like boys... and when he gets together with his friends, dearie me you just don't want to be there! Too many hormones.... anywayyyyyy, moving on!).

Sunday: visit to Stamp Magic with mam... very nice carvery... lots of mooching... quite nice to be on the other side of the counter for once!

Monday: lovely sunny day spent outdoors doing good outdoor education stuff. Just call me Ms Montissori! Is that how you spell it? It was very good and the youngsters got a whole lot out of it - and so did I!

Tuesday: oh catching up with jobs... cleaning bathrooms... hoovering... domestic goddess stuff... but I quite like all of that!

Wednesday: lots of scrappy projects completed ready for kits and classes. Much enjoyed!

Thursday: now this is going to sound weird but I went to a funeral which really made me feel glad inside. I saw old relatives I have not seen in an age. I heard my Great Auntie's poems being read out loud again and I was right back to being about eight sitting by her art deco tiled fireplace in her two up two down pit house. Yes I am that old - she had a proper black range in her kitchen too and an outdoor netty which the men had to use! The ladies were allowed to use the indoor facilities but the men had to go out side AND they never had toilet paper - they had squares of newspaper hung on a string!!! Seriously, it was like living at Beamish. She used to boil her kettle on the range and toast bread on a fork over the fire. Any how, she was a very intelligent woman and wrote the most amazing poetry - I wish I had copies to share but one of my rellies who has some is going to scan them and send me them. Well some of her poems were read at this funeral and some old music which I remember from my childhood was played and it was just warm and cosy if you know what I mean. The person had lived a long life and it was not sad, just glad. And it just reminded me of things I had forgotten.

Friday: Shoppping for groceries... gosh I live an exciting life! But I am quite pathetically domesticated and I do like all the domestic goddess stuff - I am just not very good at it!!! Then there is crop night... if you have never peeped at our crop photos you should have a look over at our FB page. You can just see how much fun we have. I love my Fridays... although I think I do more chatting than crafting!

So what will this week bring? Lots of loveliness and peace, I hope - with laughter and contentment thrown in. Hope your week rocked and that you have a super duper week ahead. And if you read my WOYWW... I think the 'hints' are working ;-) jenx



  1. Sounds like a nice week, sorry to hear about your aunt but glad you enjoyed the funeral. great that the hints are working :)

  2. Fabulous list, you are good with the domestic goddess side of things, I've managed a bit of that this week but only because I've been stranded at home! Loving your lists, I'm sorry you attended a funeral but glad you managed some positive memories from it and hope you get your hands on the poems soon! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead, much love as always!

  3. It sounds like a great week. I have an eighteen year old grandson who nearly lives in his tiger-print onsie! I have had five teeenage sons so, yes, I can identify with that bit as well.
    I am also glad that you managed a funeral that wasn't all sad. I am sure your great aunt was happy to see her family spending time together, and as a fellow scrap-booker I appreciate how important those memories are. It always surprises me what little things can trigger them off - like the kettle in my post this week. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Hope to do this again next week. Kate x

  4. I wish I enjoyed doing the domestic goddess bit more, but I love how it feels when it is done, which is what inspires me. A great list. It is wonderful to be able to reflect on a live well lived, and your great aunt sounds like a character, staying at her house must have been an adventure! Here is to a fantastic week this week :)