Friday, 3 May 2013

National Scrapbook Day With Wear Crafts

Challenge Timetable: National Scrapbook Day With Wear Crafts - Saturday 4th May, 2013.

Hold onto your hats... from now, sign up here or on Facebook that you are taking part and share the timetable post on Facebook, blog, Twitter, UKS.

9am Challenge 1 - Altered Item.

10am Project 1 - Mini Book.

11am Challenge 2 - Journal Spot.

Lunchtime Project 2 - Scrapbook Layout.

2pm Challenge 3 - Snapshot.

3pm Project 3 - Layout sketch. 

4pm Challenge 4 - Pot of Pressure!

5pm Project 4 - Easel-y does it!

6pm Challenge 5 - Toolbelt Challenge.

7pm Project 5 - Getting Interactive.

All day... Facebook photo share.

Are you in??? jenx



  1. Hi Jen, I hope to be able to 'hop in' for some of tomorrow's fun. I'll be popping in here as I'm another who doesn't "do" FB.

    Looks like it will be lots of fun.

    Toni xx

  2. I hope I can play a little (I'm on the other side of the pond). Looking forward to it!