Saturday, 4 May 2013

National Scrapbook Day With Wear Crafts - Challenge Three

Fine, so we have the layout... how about a photo. 

Take a snap of the folk you are with right now, (yes Wear Craft croppers, I am talking to you!).
Take a snap of the view out of your window.
Take a snap of something in your home or garden that you love (and then journal 'why?')
Take a snap of something you wish you had or somewhere you wish you were right now.

Or.... find a favourite snap and pop it straight onto that layout... print out a favourite snap and put it right into that mini book... or ask someone to take a photo of you... print it out right now and scrap it!

You can share your snaps with Wear Crafts too... would love to see photos of some of you scrapping right now! Have fun and get ready for the layout Sketch project coming up next. Scrapbook kits are here, jenx


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