Saturday, 4 May 2013

National Scrapbook Day With Wear Crafts - Project One

National Scrapbook Day With Wear Crafts - Project One 'Make A Mini Book'

This project uses Teresa Collins Stationery Noted papers available here .
The cover is an A4 piece of card trimmed  to 6 and one eighth inches wide - don't trim the length as you need the full 12 inches. Score and fold along the length at approximately:  1 and  six eighths inches: 3 inches; 7 and two eighths inches; and 8 and three eighths inches. There are four folded pages inside. Use poppies and music to make the four pages. Cut each paper in half so you have two 6x12 pieces from each - four 6x12 pieces in total. Score at approximately 4 inches and eight inches to create the folds. Then try your pages inside your book to trim them so they fit well. Once you have trimmed your pages, stitch them into the book with twine. I stitched directly on one of the folds of each page through to the cover. It is up to you how regular or how quirky you want it to be... cutting the pages at jounty angles creates a really nice effect so play with it a little! Once the pages are stitched in, cut down the other four pieces of card and arrange the journal spots, polaroids and quotes in a way that is pleasing and meaningful to you. You should have quite a few bis left over. Once I had made the book, I spent ages on this part, making my book tell the story I wanted it to tell and cutting into the preprinted cards. Have fun with it! jenx



  1. This is gorgeous, will give this a go for definite :-)

  2. I love it, I will have to rifle through my stash to find something to use for it. Thanks.

  3. Fabulous project and one I will have a go at - maybe tomorrow

    Thank you for sharing

    1. If you make something lovely, make sure you send me the photos to share! jenx

    2. Well my blog refuses to let me have access but my book is on UKS if that is any use.