Friday, 12 April 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Back with a rocking post after the hollyberries. Missed it for two weeks... so back with lots of ups!
Celebrating olympic style after winning the bunny hop race!

The Yorkshire Wheel - very high but wow!

Dressing up as an olden day child... my little boy has been born out of his time, I think.
How old a soul does he look in this outfit.

Rediscovering the inner boy at nearly 15!

What a specimen! I want a dress with a bustle (spelling?) like that.

Oh I love trains... the Mallard is my utter favourite.

And I quite like the bullet train too!
What else then... baking a cake with DS2 which was worthy of the great british bake off even if I do say so myself... driving over the Pennines just for the thrill of it and seeing six foot high snow drifts at the side of the road yesterday (!)... scrapping again... ticking jobs off a list... getting ready for Creative Crafts at Gateshead Stadium (April 13th and 14th - shameless self-promotion!)... booking Saturday crops and a workshop day (details on the website - shameless self-promotion!)... and big toot - visiting everyone and I mean everyone on woyww! Have a wonderful week and make sure you join in with the UKScrappers blog hop on Monday - I am in! jenx



  1. Oh wow - what a fabulous time I spy York and the National Railway Museum, was there not so long ago! Loving what you've been up to the bunny hop race looks fabulous! Hope you have a terrific week ahead.

    Much love

  2. I really miss the stuff they let you do with them when they are young, try getting a 22 year old son to do bunny hops... (even with the bribe of an easter egg for the winner...) hope your shameless self promotion bears fruit and you have a good crowd of blog hopping hoppers and vast numbers of people attending your classes...


  3. Sound as if you have been having fun. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh what a great list. I love the olde worlde dressing up - it really does suit him. You'll have to tell him those caps are so in for the young lads these days :)

    Have fun with the blog hop - I didn't even know that was happening, am so out of the loop these days.

    Have a great week Jen :)

  5. Fab pictures Jen, sounds like you had an action packed time

    Off to Virginias for a look to see if this is something I.could ne joining in with

    Suzy x