Friday, 22 March 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

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 I am digging deep today... using a massive diamond tipped drill to get through the layers today. Make sure you visit Virginia over at Celtic House - Rocking Your World is three years old this week!

Saturday - rested (fluey coldy thing)
Sunday - caught up on lots of computer type jobs (which made me feel better)
Monday - mentioned in Sponsor Blog Bits on the UKScrappers front page
Tuesday - DS1 got an A in two of his Chemistry papers... now he has shown us he can do it, he needs to keep it up!
Wednesday - a trouble shared is a trouble halved
Thursday - getting through the day
Friday (in advance) - CROP NIGHT with the lovely ladies (yes!!!)
Saturday (in advance) - Holystone Crop (yes!!! so don't you dare snow, weather!)

You know when you just wonder what your purpose is? What is it all about? Why are you here? What is the grand plan?

I don't think I have the definitive answer - does anyone?!

But.... I really think that I was just meant to be DS1s and DS2s mam. Everything that I have done in my working life has provided me with all the skills I need to have to deal with these two young men I have. They are gorgeous and I love them and they are fine and dandy. However, I have said in the past... DS1 has 'it' in bucket loads and just doesn't use it.... DS2 wishes he had 'it' but has two major barriers no matter how much he tries. And if I hadn't had the professional experiences I have had, I would not have been able to support either of them the way they need to be supported. My goodness it is hard and I am really tired at the minute (tired of fighting everyone and everything really). But if they didn't have me, where would they be... especially DS2, my little star. And DS1 if you are reading this (well why would you??), you are my big star too lol.

So I think that is my rock for this week... I am here to be their 'mam' and everything else is just ........ well I will let you fill in the blanks!

Thankyou for all the lovely lovely comments as always and if anyone out there (I know some of you do) has experiences of Dyslexia and DCD, give yourself a big hug and treat yourself to something today, because you really deserve it, you yummy scrummy mummies. jenxxxx



  1. Oh sending you hugs back Jen, us Mum's just know we were always destined to be their Mam! And that we'll fight anyone or anything that comes along and tries to upset them - we are here to listen, support love share, encourage but just sometimes you realise just how blinking shattered you are so I'm hoping you aren't too tired and that they appreciate what a fabulous Mum you are

    Hugs as always

  2. BIG hugs to you.

    Don't they say that when life serves up lemons - make lemonade!

    It sounds like you are doing a grand job but I know from the battles my sister had when my niece was small just how exhausting these things can be.

    Take care of yourself

    Toni xx

  3. aww Jen big hug from me.

    I've been full of cold & feeling low all week & nearly cried a few times. Yesterday I text the girls at the charity shop to see if anyone wanted a quick drink after closing - five of us went & my mood lifted & I was laughing & giggling again.

    It is exhausting supporting our children sometimes but you know you are doing a grand job - well done from one mum to another xx

  4. Sounds like you're going through a rough time of it at the moment - and it doesn't help that you haven't been feeling well either.

    I'm quite sure that the support you are giving to your two lads is going to help them achieve their potential. It's exhausting, I know. Hang on in there <3


  5. Big hugs back Jen. I saw what you put on Toni's post about the celestial imbalance. I think you may have something there - we all seem to be going through some sort of self doubt at the moment.

    Sending you big hugs. You aren't 'Just' their Mum. It's the hardest job in the World and you are doing that as well as being a creative human being and owner of Wear Crafts! I personally don't know how you do it all. x x

  6. Sending you big hugs. I think being a Mum is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding jobs. Such an incredible journey with highs and lows, I am sure your boys are very grateful you are their Munm as well!

  7. I understand a lot of what you've written here so sending big hugs back. I hope you've had a better week and are finding some time to look after yourself too xx