Friday, 8 March 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Rocking My World over at Celtic House with Virginia today...

Today is International Women's Day... so you can't rock your world today without being thankful for the fight that went on the past and thinking about the fight that is still going on for many women all over the world.

Rocks this week:
Saturday - said ta-ra to DS1 without crying
Sunday - lovely walk around Richmond, along the old railway lines, to the Abbey, round the falls, under the castle (if you know the area you will know exactly where I have been!)
Monday - learning business lessons and standing up for myself
Tuesday - making decisions and booking things
Wednesday - decluttering. Oh my, I struggle with this one. Our spare room was a bit of a Monica cupboard (you know on Friends). I would open the door and close it again. For various reasons it was full of c**p that I just couldn't bring myself to part with. So I took the bull by the horns and did it. Various charities benefited and I recycled everything else.
Thursday - decluttering continues. I disposed of 12 yes 12 old sofa cushions that I had been keeping because you just never know. And the spare bed has now gone too. I have struggled with that... we need a spare bed don't we?? Apparently not according to everyone else.
Friday - crop night (in advance)
Saturday - DS1 returns (in advance)

DS2 has very much enjoyed being an only child this week. My mam asked him if he was looking forward to having DS1 back and he said 'Well, no, not really.' Out of the mouths of babes...

Got to share some of the Ski Blog things with you too. DS1s school has been posting about the trip and some are very funny.

Saturday 2nd March 2013

Quote of the day:
Mrs Hopper (after overhearing a conversation on the bus) - "oh so have you been skiing before?"
Pupil - "yes but not here"
Mrs Hopper - "wow so where have you been then?"
Pupil - "Manchester"

Sunday 3rd March 2013 - Day 1 on the slopes

Quote of the day:
Beginners group - Bridget Jones style moment
Instructor yells "stooooooop, you need to turn, you need to turn, no you need to turn NOW!"
Pupil - no response too busy - full steam ahead in a straight line top to bottom.
When questioned later "Are you ok?", "
Yes miss it was the most fun I have ever had"

Monday 4th March 2013 - Day 2

Quote of the day:
Room inspection girls floor - (points awarded by staff out of 10 for the cleanest, tidiest and most fragrant rooms) The clear winners not only met the above mentioned criteria they went above and beyond with this meet and greet at the door.
Pupil - "May I welcome you in and offer you this fruit drink (already poured and holding up!) and chocolate biscuit. I wasn't expecting all 3 of you however I do have extra biscuits".
Obviously bribery will win staff over every time - how to win friends and influence people! What a lovely gesture.

DS1 is third from the right doing a bad Bono impersonation in ridiculously huge white ski goggles.

Hope your week rocked, jenx



  1. Oh Jen that's a fabulous post hun, love it and you were brave not to cry when DS left - honestly it's hard going - bet you'll be glad to see him back. Loving the photo and the quotes - all classic. Also loving the business skills and standing up for yourself on International Women's Day that seems mighty apt and I'm also loving your decluttering, I've just bought a hand held steamer as apparently 'they'll cut down on the amount of cleaning I'll have to do' - mmmmm the jury is out on that one but will report back. Now onto Gelli-plate. As well as scrapbooking I also dabble with art journalling and mixed media (basically messing about with paint - soooooo much fun), the Gelli-plate is a commercial version of a gellatine method used to create prints. Basically you use the gelli plate to roller paint on, create patterns with foam stamps or mask and create unique paint creations. Just google it the gelli-plate website has intros and videos showing it in action! - Andy Skinner does some amazing videos on it, taking it from abstract art to full blown pictures! Let me know what you think


  2. That was fun to read ! Love the quotes.
    Yes it's international womens' day ... next week I'm visiting my mum a very strong role modle in my life. Jess is driving me so that's three generations of women. Mum wants to show me her grandmother's wedding ring which her own mother wore ( after she sold hers ! ) Mum wants me to have the ring & one day Jess will have it - five generations of women & very apt.

  3. Love the quotes!! Sounds like your son will be having a fabulous time and come back with some lovely memories. Very brave not to cry!

    Ugh decluttering. I have so much to do around here. Slowly, slowly. I feel better when I do it, so I just need to get down to it. It is so easy for me to put it at the bottom of the list though.

    Sounds like a positive clearing week with some good lessons learned. Go you!! :)

  4. Super post Jen! We had a spare room just like yours and after Christmas did just what you have done, what a lovely feeling that I can now open the door without fear of being attacked by some box teetering on the edge of a shelf. I think there are still a few things there we could get rid of, but the room is tidy now and clutter free, which was the aim! I am now waiting for the chance to take a few days away from crafting, so that I can totally 'gut' my craft room and de-clutter that, it's got so bad I'm not enjoying working in there at the moment and that's not good! Hugs Carole Z X