Thursday, 14 March 2013

Inspector George Gently In Spennymoor At Tudhoe Grange Comprehensive School

Well, I am always one for a bit of star struck celebrity spotting, so this is right up my street. Inspector George Gently is filming in Spennymoor at the former Tudhoe Grange Comprehensive School building. It is a lovely listed building and it really is a shame it is not a school any more. It has glazed tiles on the walls, wooden floors and old metal banisters with big high staircases. It has been hired to be used as a Police Station and a Hospital in the TV show. It has been a hive of activity. Martin Shaw has apparently been seen filming there this week, although I have not had the pleasure. I now have my camera with me whenever we leave the house 'just in case'! I took these photos the other day and popped them on Facebook and they have gone viral! Got to be a scrapbook page there... jenx
This is a false front built over the school entrance.

There are plates like this along the wall with all the names on.

Can you see where it says North East Constabulary on the glass?

Lovely old car!
When I see, Martin, rest assured, you will be the first to know! Happy scrapping, jenx



  1. Oh Martin Shaw is fabulous, loving the photos Jen and I would have thought at least a double page layout with those photos!

  2. I hope you spot him Jen. A friend told me that her daughter is on a uni photo shoot in Devon... she text her mum one evening to say Countryfile was there filming too and Matt Baker was sitting in the same pub as her !

  3. the badge above the door is now with me.i saved it before the school is demolished. the glass is still there.

  4. i have got the north east constabulary badge you can just see above the door.saved it from the demolition men