Friday, 1 March 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

It is that time again when I join the rockettes over at Virginia's place to think back on the good things. 
Saturday - ticking jobs off a very long list
Sunday - busy busy busy but great fun meeting folk and getting out there
Monday - really enjoyed teaching Numeracy and Literacy
Tuesday - lunch with mam, walk with DH
Wedneday - time with DS1 and DS 2 just to chat and sort and spend a bit of time together
Thursday - sharing teaching ideas with others (that was nice!)
Friday - crop night!!!! (in advance lol)
Tomorrow - DS1 goes to Alpe D'Huez skiing (weepy mummy)

I am a very lucky person. I have a very supportive family and a great circle of friends. My kiddies are great - not perfect (who is) but great! DH is pretty nice too (lol if he reads this he is of course amazing and wonderful and everything a girl could ask for lol). Mam and Dad are probably the best anyone could ask for really. I am beginning to like myself again - just a bit. I think everything is going to be OK really. 

Have a super weekend and week and make sure you take time to appreciate all the wonders around you... you know like you used to when you were a child. 

Like the little girl I saw saying goodbye to her daddy in the school yard the other day... she heard an aeroplane go over head, she looked up with these lovely wide amazed blue eyes and shouted "It is an aeroplane daddy!" like she had never ever seen one before. She stopped still and watched with this look of wonder and a gorgeous smile. Then she spread her arms and started running around the yard making aeroplane noises and shouting "Look daddy I am an aeroplane, I am an aeroplane!". Everyone around her smiled and laughed and looked at her daddy and smiled. It was lovely and it nearly made me cry. Wonderful way to look at the world, jenx



  1. Absolutely awesome way to look at the world Jen, maybe we should all stop and enjoy it a little more often and not take things like planes for granted but admire the amazing things that as humans we can achieve. Loving you list, I like the fact you're identifying your rocking moments each day - makes me smile!


  2. Love this post. It can be such a battle to begin liking ourselves. I love that you are doing a daily round up. There is nothing quite like crossing things off a list I think. Such a sense of accomplishment as I attack my to-do list.

    Family is everything I think. Especially a good DH. Just knowing you have someone you can trust and to help carry the load, and be there as a safety net when you need it, knowing you don't have to bear everything alone.

    I hope you have a good week this week. You will be in my thoughts.

  3. I'm so glad you are starting to like yourself Jen - I know exactly what you mean there as I'm starting to feel the same (not about you, I already like you :D About myself I mean *g*)

    I love what you wrote about the little girl. Just today my Ruby raced me all the way home (well, she raced, I huffed and puffed behind!) shouting Mum, Mum I'm faster than a motorbike I am! Did make me smile :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week x