Friday, 1 February 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

That time of the week again... make sure you join Virginia over at Celtic House Blog to join in. It really is uplifting, the rockettes are cool with a capital C and Virginia seems to be a pretty awesome lady to me!
Here goes...
  • Penny's daughter got the job in America yay! Pop over to Penny's Hen House for news!
  • My virtual birthday party was brilliant - thanks for coming!
  • Birthday treats!
  • DS1 behaving like a human for most of the week
  • DS2 having fun at Treetops and just generally being a positive little soul
  • Even more orders... yay the word is out!
  • More Facebook Likes (honoured to have Carmen and Virginia, please feel free to join them)
  • Super friend getting through challenging work thing with flying colours!
  • Doing a bit of teaching and enjoying it thoroughly
  • The wonders of orthodontics - how are those teeth moving round in DS1s mouth??
  • DH getting some good news
  • Sunshine!!!!
  • And a daft one... well some of you may get it... Have you seen the stars this week? We have had some cold crisp clear nights and we have low something or other street lighting now and they have just looked amazing. The DSs are now going 'yes mam we know it is Jupiter' as soon as it gets dark as they are sick of me telling them to look at the bright stars. I think the neighbours think I am mad - well they probably know that already - as I went out to put something in the bin and just stopped dead in my tracks and looked up and around for ages. Nutty eh. 
  • Workshop class is pretty full tonight and I am really looking forward to it.
  • Scrapbooking has been fun this week!
  • And do you want a laugh... my virtual birthday has been quite busy for the following reasons... I said Tia Maria was 'classy' and I signed something 'jen' with three xs. So some poor person has searched for 'classy jen' with three xs and got my blog full of papercrafting nonsense! I am assuming it was a he and I bet he was disappointed lol!
Hope your week rocks... and feel free to like me on Facebook. jenxx (with two xs only)
And I love this so I am going to leave you with it...
Positive Quotes



  1. Oh I love the comment that's fabulous, hope you have a fab scrapbook class, it sounds great fun! Loving your positives and low level street lighting sounds great, we have too much light pollution from Sheffield to really see many stars but we do enjoy it when we can! I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend and week ahead.


  2. Thanks for the giggle ... I do find it funny when someone turns up on our Blogs looking for something entirely different !
    Great positives - thank you for including Jess and for your lovely comment at mine.
    I shall make a point of looking at the stars now xx

  3. Great post Jen. I love looking at the stars - it's really wonderful when the sky is clear enough to see all those 'twinkles'.

    Love the quote at the end of the post - very positive.

    Have a great week.

    Toni xx

  4. Great post :) Nothing daft about the night skies, I included that too this week, the stars were looking lovely! How great that your street lighting is better x

  5. What a super Rocking post, stuffed full with lovely positives :) Orthodontics is like magic - both of mine have been through the process. It isn't much fun at the time but the results are totally worth it. I LOVE starry nights - they make me feel totally insignificant (and that's ok!), and really make me realise how we are here for just a time moment in time while the universe just carries on. A sobering thought but it also puts all silly little worries into perspective.

    Wishing you a lovely week,

    xxx (three xs!)

  6. I remember a rare weekend away that OH and me took right at the beginning of our relationship. We went and stayed at a B&B in Dover and after a lovely meal we went and lay on Dover beach on this beautiful starry night and like Jo says, just felt very tiny and insignificant and it was almost like you could feel the Earth turning. Magical.

    Have a fabulous week Triple X Jen ;)

    Carmen x