Friday, 25 January 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Is it really that time of the week again? As Arkwright would say, "It's been a funny sort of day...". Do you remember Open All Hours? Well it's been a funny sort of week this week. The snow is still here. We have had school snow days and traffic chaos and late mornings. And it is still here...

...that is the view out of my window at the moment. It has been there for over a week and there is more forecast. Lots of quiet rocks this week so here goes...
  • Miranda.... ahhh the captain was on and she got to snog him with lingering...lingering....lingering... MOVING ON...
  • Celebrity Big Brother... oh you know I am shallow by now and I just enjoy it. Can someone please tell me what is going on with Speidi? Dear me, I have never seen anything like it.
  • Snow walks... I love cold brisk walks in the snow. Good for the soul.
  • Driving the Freelander like a powerful confident woman! It normally drives me but I took control and even did a three point turn in the snow. I felt like I should stand on the bonnet and hold up a stick with a flag on it and shout like Fiona in the last Shrek film when she is like Boudicca. I totally owned the car and the ice!
  • Really good Wear Crafts things happening. Gosh I am working really hard, but it seems to be paying off. If anyone wants to click like on my Facebook, I would love it (the link is at the bottom). And if you have any ideas for improvement, let me know because I want to make it work as they say!
  • Not being a teacher this week... much as I love it, it is nice not doing it too!
  • Dinner with family... roast chicken with all the trimmings - yummy.
  • Playing Hex Bugs and doing Star Wars jigsaws.
  • Planning layouts for workshops.
  • Cleaning the house (sad)
  • Digging the drive and the road out (still aching)
  • Being told what for and get a grip by mother again.
  • DS1 being quite nice at times
  • Having a good laugh and chat with DH
  • Being 42 for the last time!!!
So tomorrow I hit 43. YUK!!! How about a virtual Birthday Party! Are you in? Pinched this idea off Penny's Hen House. I am going to pick a cake, a meal, a present, guests, entertainment and so on. I would love it if you would pop by... ;-) jenx



  1. Oh so many things to comment on, we too still have snow, we have lots more forecast and then a thaw over the weekend.

    I've loved CBB we fell out with it early in the series, but got dragged back in. Speidi are a class of their own and I just don't 'get' them but I think that's the point!

    Winter walks - that I get.

    Cleaning the house - never one of my favourites or my rocking moments but I always enjoy the house post clean - so I kind of get you!

    And I'll wish you an early Happy Birthday for tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll be able to roll by and say hi as well!


  2. I've been saying this a lot this week, I think we must be in a bubble or something. We had one day of snow last week and it's all gone now - even half hour down the road is really bad and snowy - very strange.

    Loved that Miranda episode and I actually said to my eldest that I knew someone would be mighty jealous of 'that' scene! :D

    Like Virginia I don't like the cleaning but I like the after effects of a good spring clean - well for the 5 minutes it lasts before the kids get home! That bit is a bit depressing when it just goes back to looking the same within half hour.

    Off to check you out on FB :)