Friday, 18 January 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Hey there rockettes... Do you know what? I have actually had a really good week this week. I have taken everything in my stride and just got on with it. So I think there must be lots of rocks, but you know when you sit down and you can't think of any?! Ahhh it is all coming back to me now... first some photos...

this massive tree had slid down the hill to block the river path - eek

the river that puts the wear into wear crafts and our lovely cathedral

I am rubbish at these scrapbooky shadow shots - we keep moving!

just nice

people were rowing on this river today... it is minus three!

I like this log

I like the layers but the cars totally ruin it. I take rubbish photos!!!
  • great first show of the year on Sunday. I am just loving this crafting thing. This full time hobby will be my full time jobby (eventually)!
  • great three days teaching in a lovely school with fabulous children and super staff. Felt very good.
  • finally getting my Pandora bracelet safety chain (shallow)
  • oooh and of course the Boots 75% bargains! Have a look at Wednesday for a picture of my haul if you haven't seen it already! How much body lotion, body butter and body soufle do I really need though? I will slide into my clothes at this rate. And what on earth is body soufle anyway!
  • my new leopardskin hairdrier deserves its own bullet point (I am sooo chavvy).
  • DS1 finally preparing for his exam (it was today - he says it was ok)
  • family, friends and support (always needed and always given)
  • snow - I love snow!
  • just feeling a bit happier generally has been nice
  • and a lovely wintry walk to Durham today.
Hope you had a grand week and remember to pop over to say hi to Virginia and the crew. jenx



  1. Wow that's a fabulous list hun and gorgeous photos, I'm hoping I'm going to manage a few photos over the weekend to pep mine up a bit but it's soooooooooooooo cold out there tonight!

    Now don't criticise your photos too much, the scrapbook shadows work best with the path in front of you and the sun directly behind you. the layers photo is fabulous I would have gone left a bit, tilted the camera up to obliterate the main car in the photo and by going left hopefully omitted the other two, then you get the layers without the cars win win!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead


  2. Great list, glad you had a good week..thanks for sharing your photos! Have a good weekend, Carole Z X

  3. Great list...and I love the photos!! I must try the "shadow" idea..
    Your week sounds fun.
    Hope the weekend is just as good.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I'm now feeling homesick...I live near Oxford now but am from Bishop Auckland originally.

  4. Lovely list xxxx those thotos are fabby xxx hugs xxx