Friday, 4 January 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Back to Rock My World on Friday. Been MIA for the last month, I think. Sorry Virginia! I have been popping by to say 'hello!' to the rockettes in between!

Any hoo... I think you all know what or should I say who has been rocking my world this week! I had a fabulous time at Sir Gary Lord of the Barlow's concert. I screamed, I sang and I danced myself silly. I annoyed the folk behind me by standing up to do all of this - but seriously, who goes to a concert to sit down? And it is not as if I was the only person standing (refer to previous photos in previous posts and there are many of both photos and posts!).

So.. I kind of found 'me' again as I always do at these things. I love 'events' and I am a little dizzy and bonkers and I just really don't care what folk think when I am having a blast at something like this - I just go for it. So that is the really rocking thing I take from the Captain's concert... I should not care what people think... if I am not hurting anyone, I should just go for it... and I am not that bad really.

Now do you want a funny story? Eeee what am I like. Right, well I can't operate an iphone - they are too slidey for my fat fingers. So I have a Blackberry with a qwerty keyboard. It is a very good Blackberry with lots of features that I don't know how to use and it is cleverer than me and will someone please tell me what I am supposed to do with BBM?! I had my Blackberry at the concert. I had it in my hand waving it around taking photos and videos (dreadful quality considering it is supposed to be so good but never mind). Well I was a bit distracted as I am sure you can imagine.

Now you think I am going to say that it flew out of my hand and landed on the stage or in the audience, don't you. Oh no... that would be too easy. What I did was forget to lock the keyboard in my excitement. I was holding it in my sweaty hand squeezing a keyboard letter and the green dial key at the same time.
Without realising.
At about 10pm.
When Gary (ahhhh) was singing Rule The World.
While I was squawking and screaming loudly.
At the top of my voice.
Inadvertently telephoning a male colleague.
Who is technically a boss.
For ten minutes.
I only discovered this the next morning when I checked my call log. EEEK! I had to text a garbled apology. Well, he knows I am daft already.

Other rocks...
I love lego. I think Santa brought lego for me really!
I love hex bugs - they are brilliant!
I love laughing! Need to make time to have a laugh every day.
I love my family. I am really lucky and blessed to have the crew that I have with their unending support.
Oooh and we featured on the front page of UKScrappers this week. There is a post earlier in the blog if you want to have a look.

Got to finish with a video. It is rubbish quality (blooming expensive Blackberry which is cleverer than me. Grrr!). But it is so good - Click here for everyone doing the Never Forget thing that you are supposed to do... and me caterwauling in the background. LOL!

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  1. Oh booooooo to phoning the boss lol......Yeay to sir Gary of Barlow. and wooo for Lego.....hours,of fun. I hope you have a most glorious and singing and dancing fun filled 2013


  2. Oh that had me smiling, loving the idea of you phoning a boss during the concert LOL - what are you like!!!!

    Glad that Sir Gary has helped considerably rock your world this week!

    I love lego too, unless it's under my feet when I've no shoes on - then not so much.

    Hope you are having a great Friday


  3. Oh I am giggling with you at your exploits. My last concert (also horrible photo/video quality on a iphone, I think it's the lighting at the concert) I was trying to video a couple of songs to share with the kids when I got home. Upon playback however, it was discovered I was singing along at the top of lungs and although at the concert my voice was lost in the din, on my iphone I was the star of a very off key, raspy show! Next time, I need to remember to clam up if I'm going to record. Also, I want to tell you to embrace your skill to let go and have fun when you are so inspired. I have the hardest time letting go, even though I know it's irrational. Yours is a gift, keep it up!

  4. Did you manage to catch Sir Gary on TV - "Pray" with James Corden was fab...and I did the 'Never Forget' stuff even though I was sitting in my lounge LOL.

    Ooops to the call to boss (made me giggle) and congrats to the post on UKS.

    I hope 2013 continues to be the fun and enjoyable year that has started for you.

    Toni xx

  5. You had me at Gary Barlow - wowzers!!!! How funny that you shared your experience with your boss ;D

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  6. Oh that video is brilliant - you can HEAR how happy you are. I agree with Sabrina - I have the same trouble with letting go - you embrace it :D