Monday, 21 January 2013

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful..

We had a cold cold walk out yesterday and here are the photos. Too cold to walk out today...
The little beck through the woods at the end of our street.

Far on the horizon you can usually see the top of Durham Cathedral - but not today.

Frozen lake at Whitworth Hall - the home of Bobby Shafto from the nursery rhyme.

DS1 pulling DS2 on sledge and DH saying no photos please.

I like this tree with its snow and brown leaves.

Can you see the ducks on the lake? They were in the tiniest bit of unfrozen water.

The fountain in front of the obelisk was still flowing.

Can you see the men fishing? Fishing!!!
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  1. Super photos Jen..brrrr...I don't want to leave the house for work today!!!! Keep warm,Carole Z X

  2. Great, if somewhat chilly, photos!
    Our snow is melting...thank goodness!
    Hugs xx

  3. Lovely photos. Fishing is like golf. The mad buggers do it in all weathers!!

  4. I'm chilly just looking at these ! Lovely photos.

  5. Oh lovely wintry photos and a winter's walk - awesome stuff!