Thursday, 13 December 2012

Winter Scrapbook Page Inspiration

I went for a lovely walk from home to the River Wear today (which is really close to us). It was frosty and bright. The cold air fair took my breath away but it was very good for the soul. There has got to be a scrapbook page in these photos.... enjoy!
Frosty leaves near the River.

The lake at Whitworth Hall, with ice.

Long, low shadows at 10.30am.

Icy grass on the banks of the river.

The River that puts the Wear into Wear Crafts!
Did not take this one, but the river above travels past Durham Cathedral about six miles from the previous river photo. 
Happy, scrappy Christmas! jenx
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  1. Super photos Jen, I love those frosty leaves! Carole ZX