Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Review... and Another Bit of Barlow!

This has been a very strange year. When I began 2012, I could never have imagined it would end the way it has. And 2013? I just want a bit of peace and contentment for me and for everyone really. Highlight of the year... I would like to say something spiritiual and uplifting. But honestly, the highlight was the other night at the divine Mr B's Newcastle concert. It reminded me who I am. I am a bit bonkers really, happy when I am singing my head off and screaming my heart out. Loving an 'event' and valuing great memories and experiences. So for 2013, peace and harmony, experiences and memories... and lots of singing and screaming my head off (good for the soul!). Happy scrappy New Year, jenx

The eyebrow...

Attending shows.

Featuring in magazines.

And again!

Dedicated croppers.

Being published.
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Late Christmas Cards and Gary Barlow (!)

Just a quick post to share two gorgeous Christmas cards created by Denise. You can follow her blog at Daisy Rand's Diary HERE. I am sure you will agree her cards are gorgeous and her blog is well worth a look.

And a little bit of Barlow for a Sunday morning... ahhhh!
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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday Scrapping and Scrapbook Sketch 7

Photo: Sketch 7 now live!
Sketch 7 now live... and the 12x12 scrapbook layout based on it is HERE

Gary Barlow at Newcastle City Hall

Ohh what a night! I had an amazing time. Lots of 12x12 scrapbook layouts to follow and maybe a minibook or two. Some of the photos are over on my Facebook Page HERE. I took nearly two hundred (eek) but I only picked out twelve better ones! If you want a laugh, here is a really bad video clip I took. Yes you can hear me singing in the background... but a lot of the time it is other people!!! Enjoy, jenx
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Friday, 28 December 2012

Gary Barlow and Friday Scrapping

I am soooooooo excited! Tonight's the night! Just me and Gary on our date in Newcastle (with several thousand other screaming women but let's not mention them).
Christmas scrapping to share.... 12x12 layout using festive papers and pink of course!
Pop by tomorrow for lots of Gary photos, Gary videos, Gary merchandise, Gary layout plans, Gary Calendar plans, Gary mini book get the idea!

 Craft 'n' Chat Crop photos here.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

UK Scrappers Layout: Little Details

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas! Are you beginning to think about the photographs you took and how best to pop them into a layout? Well, hopefully this should provide you with inspiration to kickstart your creativity. Little Details works well for all kinds of Christmas snaps and the 'little details' on the layout can be changed to suit your Christmas theme.
Very simple recipe.... two rectangles, a circle and some straight lines. Very easy to adapt using bigger shapes, shuffling the layout, rotating the page - or all three!
Once you have decided where to place your feature shapes, the rest comes together very easily. The 'Little Details' I have included in the layout are: the essential inking of the edges, which brings a page together when you are using different patterned papers; negative punching; and false stitching using a gel pen. I was very thrifty with the punched pieces. If you look closely you can see the negative strip from which the stars were punched at the bottom. I used the negative strip as a stencil to ink the central stars above the photographs, before adding a gem to each one and gluing the strip into place at the bottom of the layout. The punched stars where then used in the left hand corner of the layout first, where I inked over them to provide a negative inked image (caveman style!). Bit of bling in the centre again to make them sparkle. Finally, I raised the punched stars in foam pads and added even more splashes of diamond! For the stocking banner, I created a simple master template myself added ric rac, buttons, satin ribbon and the obligatory inked edges, then raised them up on foam pads again for extra dimension. It is very easy to adapt this layout by changing the banner theme and the punch style. And the papers were not Christmas papers, but had that 'heart of the home' feel to them which I wanted to convey in this layout. I will be posting more 12x12 layouts made with this kit in the next few days, as it went such a long way. The product details can be found HERE. The kit includes papers, embellishments and alphabets. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas period and thanks for popping by... if you are visiting from UK Scrappers, we would love it if you would pop over to the store, jump onto Facebook and click 'like'! Happy, scrappy Christmas, jenx

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How to Make a Twig Reindeer by Sam

Guest blogger today is DS2, Sam, aged 9! Enjoy this Christmas decoration...

How To Make A Twig Reindeer.

You will need:

·         Two ‘y’ shaped twigs to make the legs

·         One long, thin straight twig to make the body

·         One thick, long ‘l’ shaped twig to make the neck and head

·         Two spikey twigs to make the antlers

·         2 metres of string for tying

  1. Lay out all the pieces so the parts can be seen.

2. Get the two ‘y’ shaped pieces for the legs and the body piece and use string to join the legs to the body.

3. Carefully tie the head piece to the legs and body.

4. Put the antler pieces on the head and tie them on. Two people need to do this job. One person will hold the antlers and the other person will tie the string.

 5. That is how to build a twig reindeer just like this!

Can't claim to have invented this myself - someone told me how to do it and they had got it out of a book! But it is pretty cool, isn't it?

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sad on Sunday

I am a Primary School Teacher and a mother and there is just nothing else to say today.

Saturday, 15 December 2012