Friday, 9 November 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Where do I start... what a busy, productive week. So many rocks... here goes.
1. DS2 started life in a new school and he is absolutely loving it. He was apprehensive understandably and does miss his friends, but he is very happy with the move he has made.
2. One of DS2s friends came around on Monday to see how his first day had gone and if he had made new friends and to find out what his new school was like. How lovely is that?
3. FIREWORKS!!! I love this time of year and I adore bonfire night. I 'ooh', 'ahh' and 'wow' with all the children and thoroughly enjoy the spectacle.
4. Autumn leaves - crisp, crunchy, golden, blowy. I ran through the leaves kicking them up in the air with DS2 on the way to school and we laughed so much without caring how mad we looked.
5. Red brick buildings - I love Victorian buildings and there is something about a red brick building that I like.
6. Doing the school run - ooh I love that. I am more slummy mummy than yummy mummy but I just like being there.
7. Braces of the dental variety. I cannot believe that DS1s brace has already managed to pull round a tooth which was completely pointing in the wrong direction. The wonders of orthodonntistry!
8. The Inky Fool... I do love that blog and I can't wait for his second book. If you have not discovered this super popular wordy blog it is here. Enjoy!
9. Craft fairs.... Sunday was brilliant and I met some really lovely people and got to talk about scrapbooking all day. What more could one ask for?
10. Finding my feet again... powered by fairy dust and the support of my parents and DH, I am getting back to normal. Well, as normal as I ever was!!!
11. Free lego! We loved collecting and making the lego that was up for grabs with a newspaper last week.
12. Doing a bit of supply - all the pleasure of being a teacher and working with a great group of children in a lovely school with fabulous staff, without any of the paperwork and stress!
13. Other people having faith in me.

Another week over. Onwards and upwards. Hope your week rocked too. jenx
Please feel free to follow the link and let me know what you think!


  1. Oh Jen what a fabulous list, I too was kicking up the leaves when we walked around Creswell Crags much fun - it reminds me of when I was little. I forgot about the free lego last week, that really should have made my list as the jaunt out on Monday led to a heap of Christmas shopping I hadn't intended on LOL!

  2. Oh posted before I'd finished. Glad the brace is doing wonders, hard work but hopefully will be worth it, and also glad DS2 has had a positive start to new school.

    Crafty people and talking scrapbooking that's my kind of day!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Hugs as always!

  3. Great list for your Rocking list this week! Orthodontics is amazing! My daughter, Hope, has just had her braces removed and it was SO worth it! Hopefully DS1 will see the improvements already and be inspired to carry on with the mouth of metal. I'm glad you enjoyed your supply teaching - seems to be a great safety net while your new venture finds its feet.

    Have a great weekend and you keep kicking up those leaves ;D


  4. A really fabulous week - so many wonderful 'rocks'.

    Autumn leaves are fabulous, aren't they. I just love the variety of colour they bring to the duller end of the year.

    Have a great weekend.

    Toni xx

  5. Haven't been able to comment... try try again ! Such positive rocks.

    Joe had braces & his teeth look great but one year on he is fed up with wearing the retainers ( they never said they were for life ! ) so his teeth may move in time. I'd like braces as my teeth are beginning to cross over... oh and I'd like them whitening too then I can have Hollywood teeth !!!