Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

... on Sunday! What is happening? My Friday's are getting later in the week!

So here we go...

Sunday - a great day at Harrogate, photos and a funny video of Barbara Gray HERE
Monday - having a great day with some lovely children at work
Tuesday - standing my ground about something (I am getting good at this)
Wednesday - Who Do You Think You Are? I love that programme and want it to go on for ever and ever and ever and not stop
Thursday - spent the day scrapping and crafting and planning - the layout is HERE
Friday - very productive day and then a great crop night - photos HERE
Saturday - Chinese Takeaway, Take Me Out, Merlin, X Factor on Plus One, bottle of wine (well not the whole bottle, obviously I shared!)

Well, that suggests that all I have done is watch telly and eat takeaway! I have promised to be positive and strong and stick to the plan this week as well. You ladies are right - you get back what you give out so I have dusted down my copy of The Secret and I am reading it again. If nothing else I am feeling happier and not obsessively cleaning and ironing LOL!!! I found some lovely quotes about wings which I posted HERE and I love this one

Sometimes, if you aren't sure about something, you have to just jump off the bridge and grow wings on your way down.Danielle Steel

but seriously Danielle Steel !?!

And DS1 is turning into Bradley Wiggins. Apparently he is going to cycle for Team Sky and win the Tour De France. Well, what do you know, he might just. Have a great week, jenx

Please feel free to follow the link and let me know what you think!


  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing week! Your crop looks great, loads of people having scrappy fun! I love your LO too.
    Have a great week x

  2. Sounds like you've had a busy and productive week - which is good! Sticking to a plan always sounds like a positive, hope it works out I'm currently trying to stick to many plans - I'll report back on friday about how I'm doing.

    Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  3. Brilliant ! you sound very chirpy ( sorry but looking at the varied birds on my bird table ! )

  4. Sticking to your guns - good for you.

    Don't worry I'm even later than you this week ;) Lovely list of positives and believe me - we have sat and watched episode after episode of Lost on Netflix the last few weeks. We are now on the last season, think we have worked through the lot in about a month but we missed most of it first time round. Relaxing in front of TV with family isn't always a bad thing ;)

    Have a fab week, keep those positive vibes going!