Saturday, 6 October 2012

Rocking Your World Friday


...on Saturday! Here goes...

Saturday: Oliver! Fantastic! The post is here.
Sunday: cleaning the house from top to bottom. What am I on? But the smell of bleach is good for the soul and I definitely need a bit of that right now.
Monday: having the courage to ask for something that I know I am entitled to and not buckling under the strain.
Tuesday: having a lovely family meal at home.
Wednesday: getting through all the ironing - yes, I know, I have a problem (lol).
Thursday: getting this through the post.
Friday: lovely ladies at the craft 'n' chat crop (photos here.)
Saturday: spending time with the family (saying this in advance).
Sunday - tomorrow - off to Harrogate as a customer. If anyone else is going and recognises me, please say 'hi' as it would be lovely to talk to you.

I am really struggling to see the positives and am hoping and wishing that my big gamble pays off (it has to). Had to dig really deep again this week, so some of my rocks are about cleaning. Pathetic or what!!! We are all healthy and happy and getting along fine so maybe just that pottering along-ness is a rock this week. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that everything is going to turn out well. Happy Saturday and have a look at Saturday Scrapping too. How can the same stuff look so different? See you later, so to speak. jenx

Please feel free to follow the link and let me know what you think!


  1. cleaning can be cathartic also standing up for yourself liberating. Hope you have a lovely day in Harrowgate.

  2. Yes cleaning, although the thought of it makes me cringe, actually doing it can be good for you. usually with me it's rage. Good for working out rage :)

    Loved seeing your published page - whoooo - well done!

    Have a lovely time with the family and in Harrogate. Is that a craft show? Hope you get lots of goodies!

  3. I'm an angry cleaner too :) my house descends into a right old mess if I'm happy for too long :) Sorry to hear that you are struggling to find the positives at the moment, I know the feeling, but it looks like you have had some good things along the way to cheer you up, like seeing your page in print and your crop. Here's hoping for a better week for you next week with more of the good bits and less cleaning :)

  4. Hope next week has more good bits for don't want to be getting that bleach out too often! I know what you mean though about cleaning when you are annoyed or need to take your mind off something. Hope you have a lovely time at Harrogate and get some nice crafty goodies. Carole Z X

  5. Jen - first and foremost start to believe in you - you can achieve anything if you set your mind and your heart to it - and girl you know this!

    Secondly, I'm not off to Harrogate but am an absolute fan of the place having done two art journal weekends there! Have a brilliant day and if you see Sandra there tell her I said hello and that I miss her lots and lots and lots! She is an amazing lady who took me for scrapbook classes for years and I absolutely adore her, I was also part of Marie's CJ for Rock in Peace on UK Scrappers - even though she might not remember me and Dyan who I believe is in America is just simply amazing!

    Start looking at the positives in life and realise that you get back what you put in!!!! You can do this and you can realise what an amazing life we all have and how utterly and completely blessed we all are - continue being yourself and you will reap life's rewards!

    Hugs as always


  6. Lovely collection of positives. I have to say, although I hate housework there is something very satisfying seeing the results of a good tidy up and clean.

    Have a super week.

    Toni xx

  7. You might have found it a struggle this week but you still came up with a list of brilliant positives, well done!

    Now go get some help for that ironing addiction!

    Have a great week,