Saturday, 1 September 2012

Simply Less Is More Challenge

The challenge is brown and pink. Any constructive criticism is greatly received. Helpful comments about how to add sentiments but still stick to the less is more criteria would be appreciated. I have hand written and I am not happy with it so what should I do?
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  1. Pretty image. I quite often use the computer to print sentiments. It has pros and cons. Pros are you can get exactly what you want, where and how you want it. Cons are you usually have to start with it, and it can be a bit fiddly getting it where you want it on the card.

  2. What a pretty image - so soft. Re your sentiment - perhaps a finer nib pen might help - I often write my own and it can be a bit hit and miss

  3. i love the hand-written message! it gives the card a personal touch.

  4. I love the idea of the handwritten sentiment too but agree that perhaps a finer nib might work better - you'll only know after you've tried though. Finer nibs tend to show wobbles more!!! Your choice

    Cool card


  5. All cards don't necessarily need a sentiment, you could have added the touch of brown with a few pearls or some other subtle embellishment!
    It's a really pretty stamp.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  6. Very pretty, maybe stamp the words ?

  7. I like the handwritten part of the card but appreciate that you don't, it may be because the stamping is quite formal and you might feel your writing is more informal. So if it was me and I wasn't pleased with it, I'd probably print a sentiment and pop it over the top, thus keeping the original with a slight tweak. Hope this helps!


  8. Hi Jen, this is a really pretty card and you are beating yourself up a bit about the handwriting, but I know what you mean! As a kid I used to win handwriting competitions at school, but then the computer came into my life and after tapping the keys for most of my life now, my writing is abysmal! I usually stamp a sentiment or use my computer and then die cut it on to my desired topper...if you really aren't pleased with it, you could print or stamp and place it over the top, Carole Z X

  9. I should hae stamped or printed and then raised it slightly with mini mounting pads. Drat! If it was a scrapbook page I would know what to do... I am a trainee cardmaker! Thanks for the advice.. jenx

  10. I think the handwriting is just fine and makes it really personal but you could always add a panel over the top with a printed sentiment and no-one will ever know! Love the stamp - its so elegant.

  11. Lovely stamps and I like that you have used muted colour. If I don't have a sentiment stamp that suits, I use the computer to construct one and then run the card through the printer. I have never tried it after I have stamped my image but I think that I will give it a go. ( Hope this makes sense)

  12. Really soft and delicate
    Super card
    Thanks very much

  13. Your pinks and brown are very soft and delicate. I usually stamp my sentiments and occasionally hand write them but not as good as you! x