Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oliver! Oliver! Never before has a boy wanted more...

Sam tells the story...

I thought the double decker bus was never going to come. I was very excited about the bus as we don't travel by bus very often.

I began to realise that we don't travel by bus very often because the bus drives through every town and village between our home and Newcastle. It was fun at first, but the novelty began to wear off and mother got agitated because I kept asking how long it was going to be before we got there and how many miles away from the theatre we were. 

There was only one place I wanted to go to for lunch - Burger King! I got a cool pictionary game in my bag.

I pretended that I didn't want to have my photograph taken outside the theatre, but I did really! I really liked the huge banners hanging down between the pillars outside the theatre. Mother started telling me all about the theatre, and its history and how many plays she has seen there and how she loves the theatre and how we should go more often but I stopped listening.

We sat in the foyer for an hour before we could take our seats. Mother wanted to go shopping in Newcastle, but I don't like shopping so I put my sad face on and she gave in. We played pictionary man while we waited.

Again, I pretended I really didn't want to do this - but I did really! I got very cross because people kept walking in front of the camera!

I love my Oliver! T shirt. I took my jumper off in the foyer and put my new T shirt on there - right in front of everybody. Mother was very shocked by this.
This was our view of the stage before the show began. I got very angry with mother for taking this photograph because the announcement specifically said that we were not allowed to take photographs in the theatre and we had to put our mobile phones away. She normally follows all the rules and I was worried we would be thrown out before the show even began. She is not normally naughty.

Our seats were brilliant! Second row of the Grand Circle - very expensive and worth every penny.


I recognised the actress who played Nancy from Doctor Who so I asked mother if she would take a photograph of today's cast list so I could check her previous roles. As you can see from the photograph, I was very annoyed with the lady who walked in front of the camera.
So, that was Oliver! It was brilliant, amazing, heartily recommended. I loved it. Sam loved it! We had a blast. jenx



  1. I think this was Sam's story as seen through his mother's eyes! lol Sam is a cutie, did he get to ride up on top of this bus? Sorry Mom didn't get to do any shopping, lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Oh Mother ! What a fab outing. I love going to musicals. I'd have enjoyed the bus journey too but only if my mother stops talking during it !

  3. Oh you look like you had a fabulous time and doesn't DS know that Mother needs to take that naughty photo so the piccie can appear in her scrapbooks some time soon! LOL - Glad you had a great time!