Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Time For Yourself Tuesday

I did make time for myself today but it was not crafting time, it was family time! We went to the super Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal for the Day - another great National Trust place. This is another place we love. Rather than post crafting today I am posting inspiration... warning this is picture heavy! In no particular order...

A beautiful water park for strolling.

Main tower.

I like arched windows.

I like the place where lots of walls meet.

As I said, I like arched windows.

I like arches in lines.

As I said, I like arches in lines.

I also like arches in lines on an angle.

Spot the family resemblance - like mother like son pose!

And just because DS1 and DS2 thought this was the coolest sign ever (snapped near a military training ground).

Hope you made time for yourself this Tuesday. jenx



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  1. I love stones! Big or small, I love them, so I am loving your pictures. Had a giggle at the mother/son pose and the tank turning traffic picture! Great inspirations! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)