Friday, 17 August 2012

Rocking Your World Friday

Hi there again! I missed my rockingpost last week as we were away - so the whole week rocked that week! If you want to see what we got up to you can find some photos on my Saturday Scrapping page.

This week has been quieter but very nice. There have been lots of lovely things this week. There have been meals out with family, time spent with children and a really memorable trip to Wallington which I have already posted about here and here.

It was lovely there on Sunday. We sat on the lawn and had a picnic and drank coffee out of a flask. We watched the boys play football using the National Trust goals (yes, goals on a National Trust lawn in front of a National Trust house and no-one complained and everyone was smiling!). We had a really good time in the big wooden playpark. We enjoyed looking around the house, exploring the doll's houses, the curiosities in the attic and looking at the books and the paintings. The walled garden is one of the best I have ever visited and the tree walk and pond are so tranquil. For something a bit more rugged we do the longer riverside walk (but we didn't do that this time). I really, really love this place and I cannot recommend a trip strongly enough if you are in the area. It has been so nice to read other people's memories of visiting Wallington and all the little details in the comments have been ones I recognise!

I have been on a really weird trip down memory lane looking at all my old photographs which need to be scrapped because some of them are being destroyed by the sticky albums they are being kept in. Looking at all the photos of my grandparents (who I still miss) has been great. They have made me smile and cry and remember little things that I had almost forgotten. Looking at the old albums has made me realise how important the whole scrapbook thing is. I am not just collecting bits of rubbish that should be popped in the recycling bin; I am collating memories and family history for my children to share with their children. I just want them to remember that we were a really happy family, that I loved them and that we shared nice things together. I want them to feel part of a 'bigger picture' and know things about themselves that they may otherwise forget.

So now we come onto the trivial bit which has really made me happy... I finally bought a Pandora bracelet! Well no-one was going to buy one for me (yes I am talking to you DH!) so I thought I should do it for myself. I have saved and saved and saved and I actually cannot believe I have spent such a massive amount of money on something for just me and no-one else! Would you like to see it?

This bracelet is like a symbol for me and the charms mean this to me: swirls lock, because I doodle swirls constantly; dreams really can come true bead, because I am living by that at the moment; buddha, because I need some peace and luck; wishbone charm for obvious reasons; butterfly bead, because they emerge from the restrictions of the chrysalis and are just beautiful; fairy godmother with a heart of gold, for obvious reasons; a feather charm, a quill for learning and an angel feather; and a sunburst lock, because as coldplay say the sun must set to rise. I know I am pretty naff with all the meanings and symbols, but I am bit like that (blame the English Literature degree! Went to Sheffield University from in the late eighties/early nineties if anyone was there at that time 'hi!'). Anyway, I really should have saved the money for food but hey ho it is done now and I do love it. 

Now what rocks most in my world is my matt, my sam, DH and my lovely mam and dad. So I am going to stop now and go and spend some time with the first three. Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY you can enter. And if Clarky J reads this, your post on Tuesday really moved me and made me think and made me cry. Send her some hugs. Have a great great Friday everyone. jenx



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  1. Your bracelet is beautiful.

    I have one of these type of bracelets (different make) and was amazed to find that a charm I fell in love with turned out to be called 'Toni' of course I just had to have that one LOL.

    Time spent with special people is the best Rocking activity ever.

    Have a super week.

    Toni xx

  2. i actually have two pandora bracelets! i love them and each charm means something special to me. i'm glad you had a good week. and i'm oh-so-glad the weekend is here.

  3. Well done you for treating yourself to your beautiful bracelet. I don't have a Pandora bracelet but I think they're gorgeous, I love that the charms you chose have special meaning for you.

    Sounds like you've had a great week, I hope your weekend rocks too!


  4. I love the bracelet...sometimes we just need to splash out on something for ourselves don't we?!! I love that all the charms you have chosen have relevant meanings for me.
    I love what you have written about scrapbooking and capturing those memories.
    Hope you have a great week x

  5. Oh such a lot going on a fabulous post as always. Loving the bracelet and the charms and the meaning and stop beating yourself up for spending on yourself, sometimes us girls just have to do that! Hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed week and a massive woohoo for scrapbooking I totally get what you were saying about the rational for scrapbooking it's mine too - so that we can preserve memories that otherwise we might forget.

    Hugs as always!