Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy Monday - Teabag Folding

Hope you are having a happy Monday and made time for some crafting yesterday. It was a lovely day up here in County Durham and we went out for the afternoon to Wallington. Wallington is near Cambo in Northumberland and is a brilliant National Trust property. It is so family friendly, the house is like a box of curiosities and the walled garden is just gorgous. And there are TWO Turner watercolours in one of the rooms (and a Burne Jones) - what more could a girl ask for!!!

Amazing house.

Part of the lovely walled garden.

Pond before the garden.
I have already begun to scrap these pictures, so watch this space for a layout this week!

Now, when we are at Hull show, two lovely ladies asked for some examples of teabag folding. Not to disappoint, here are some cards by mam using this technique. I think I have posted one or two before but I thought it would be good to pop them all on together.
Using London papers.

Using London papers.

Using Kanban papers.

Using Kanban papers.
Hope they inspire you. I think I will photograph some of the stages that you go through to produce these folds too. That would be a bit of tutorial coming up then wouldn't it?!

Have a great Monday. It is a gorgeous day and the sun is peeping through the clouds. Take some time to breathe that fresh air deeply and appreciate something lovely today. I have already noticed the Blue Tits pecking the fat balls in the garden. Wonderful. jenxxx



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  1. What a beautiful place - I will look forward tot he photos.
    Looks like just the sort of place we visit