Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Photo on the floor... but this is what was on my workdesk this morning...
Started life like this:
 Mother did this:
 I did this:
Spot the scrapbooker and spot the cardmaker!

Mam stuck her design to the back layer so that the scallops can be pulled outwards to make the card go flat for an envelope. I stuck a sheet of Kanban Ditsy Flower card between the two layers and cut around the scallops to give the frame rigidity so it ould stand up. I wish I had put a frame in a contrasting colour on my front like my mam did before I began clagging stuff to the front; mam wishes she had put a sentiment or words on the front jutting out like I did.

Will hop onto as many desks as I can this evening - love to see the variety of work! Leave a comment and your number and I will do my best to return the visit. jenx
Please feel free to follow this link and let me know what you think.


  1. They are both gorgeous. It's amazing how the same thing can look so different by being used in a different way. We are all very self critical of our own work aren't we?
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #67

  2. Stunning work... love it!! your blog is fab.. I have joined as a follower to visit again soon... Hugs May x x x#11

  3. I love them both. They really stand out in their own ways. Just beautiful.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  4. Wow! How creative is that? Awesome!

    Zildara #88

  5. They are both equally gorgeous, love them both. Happy WoYww, Anne x #21

  6. Brilliant ideas from both of you, and what a great idea to do something each with the same thing. Shows how we are so alike but different. The front of yours doesn't look 'ck=lagged', but I love the expression!

  7. Those are fantastic! I love how different they both are. Great work! -Meechelle #112

  8. lovely blue colour scheme! The flowers set it off wonderfully! Trish #55

  9. OMG - I haven't heard the word 'clagged' for ages!! Ever since I lived in Northumberland for 12 years that is! LOL Your work is definitely not just stuff clagged on, it's beautiful!!
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

  10. Why we are all a bit claggy at the minute aren't we, with this heat! Love the word clag - it has so many meanings!! Thanks for all the comments so far, i have visited everyone in return up to this point! jenx

  11. Ooooh they are both lovely! Thanks for visiting me. Sunshine Girl #1

  12. Both lovely projects - interesting to see two totally different approaches to the same raw materials! Love that little lad's smiley face (is he the same wee boy as in the photo on your later post - the big and handsome young man?)

    Thanks for your visit to LizzieMade blog (#100 this time!) and your nice comment.

    1. He certainly is - that angelic little cherub is now the huge lump in the green t shirt! lol jenx

  13. Great projects. Thanks for popping into my blog and having a go at guessing the scarves in the rainbow!! x Jo

  14. Great job on both ;ladies So neat to see 2 different takes on the same basic beginnings.

  15. I just wish my mom crafted! :) I think it's really lovely for the two of you to have that to do together and be able to sorta bounce idea's off each other. Its interesting how different two projects, that start off with the same basics can turn out, huh? Thanks for sharing that with us and also for stopping by my desks and leaving a comment...House Mouse rocks, right? ;)
    Deeyll #144