Wednesday, 18 July 2012


WOYWW? Just a load of stuff like this I am afraid...

 It is the end of term! YAY! It has been a lovely year with the best group of children - sweet, eager, keen, full of humour and life and potential... I have thoroughly enjoyed them and they have inspired me.

 The little person aged six who wrote the note above made me cry.

The mum of the little person who gave me this said her little person has come home nearly every day this year saying 'we did this and we did that and we did the other and it was fun'.

So, no crafting on my desk tonight I am afraid. Just lots of choccies and wine and cards and teacher themed gifts.

On behalf of the teachers of the world, I would like to say thankyou to all the parents out there who have sent little cards and gifts at the end of term. We really don't expect anything - but it means the world to know that we are appreciated by you and most of all your lovely little people.

Yours, very tired and ready for a break, Jenx

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  1. Enjoy your break Jen, hope you get better weather than we are having. I always send the teachers a wee something especially if the kids have had a good year. Thanks for sharing and enjoy munching those chocolates. Hugs Erika. #100

  2. What a lovely post, Jen. As a parent of a not quite so little person, we are in awe of you teachers who put up with and turn them into little people who are brimming with knowledge who love going to school. It makes our lives so much easier to wave them off in a morning when they eagerly run into school so you deserve everything your little treasures have given you.
    Mine is finishing her Primary school life next Monday so I'm gearing up for lots of tears and organising said gifts and cards right now!!
    Enjoy your Summer break.
    Hugs Lisax #97

  3. Thanks to you both. I will get round to a return visit - but for now I am off to bed! Jenx

  4. What a lovely post. I am in awe of teachers (SIL is one), you do the most wonderful job. Thanks for your visit earlier. Anne x #9

  5. Jenx, I hope you get lots of visits and comments as a result of this simply lovely post! Notes and gifts such as these must make your job soooo rewarding! I have the greatest admiration for teachers as I don't think their life is at all easy these days, with society as it is, but I am glad that your little pupils are so appreciative, and obviously enjoy school so much. Long may it continue for them!

    Enjoy the break, enjoy the choccies and wine, enjoy a nice long rest, and (hopefully) some summer weather at last.

    Thank you for your visit, and I'm glad you like my new inks!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  6. Thanks for dropping in to visit Jen. How lovely to know that you are making a difference and inspiring the young. My Mum comes from your neck of the woods Easington Colliery! I spent many happy hours on Crimdon beach as a child. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 18

  7. Teachers need those little notes.It's such a tough job in many ways. I taught for 30 years.I have no idea how I did it now I look back.Have a lovely rest Jen, and hope you can get to play over the hols.
    Judy #27

  8. Teachers were the best thing about school for me. They were so willing to share there vast knowledge. Enjoy your rest. #30

  9. Teachers are the inspiration the little ones in life need to feed their appertite for life, learning and creating. It is people like you who mould them to be the beautiful people that they can be. Thank you, because there is no way I could do it and some one has too. Teachers are underpaid, overworked and deserve all that life can give them.

    Enjoy your break and no home work for you at all.

    TTYS Eliza #11 again

  10. That is a desk covered with love and appreciation! You obviously do a wonderful, wonderful job! Thanks so much for visiting my desk this week. Happy WOYWW!

  11. What a gorgeous little note. I love the crossed out bits and the printing!

  12. Thank you so much. Now you have all made me cry. It is simply amazing to see little citizens develop right before your very eyes. Jenx

  13. I was a TA for 12 years so I KNOW how much extra work teachers have to put in these days...and that's to keep the Local Authority happy never mind OFSTED, parents etc etc... So you deserve every second of the long holidays!! Enjoy the choccy and wine and regain some of your sanity again :)
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xxxx
    PS Enjoy some crafting time too!

  14. When mum was teaching she received lovely little gifts. I used to love seeing them when she came home from school !!! I loved choosing gifts with my two for their teachers.
    Once, for the teacher who was inspirational for Jess to cope with reading while struggling with Dyslexia, I gave a copy of "Eats, shoots and leaves" and she said, " oh good some holiday reading ! When Jess left primary school she gave that teacher a notepad with something like " catching ideas " written on it.

    Have a great summer break x mum used to get great granny's deckchair out & relax !

  15. Awww. Kids can be so sweet. But as a teacher you might find this calligraphy amusing :)

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (1)

  16. And a big gold star to you - enjoy the Summer hols, well earned for sure!

    Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx #10

  17. aww you are all too lovely. i am too tired to cope with all these lovely comments! you keep making me cry. I love being a teacher - i love seeing the face of an 11 year old who finally 'gets' fractions because of something you have done. I love providing the children with experiences that i know they will remember all there lives because of the way that we have done it. Like outdoor education, teaching within a real context, taking children to the places in their locality and teaching them about history through what they see every day... the list goes on. I love that part of being a teacher. thanks so much. you have propped me up today. jenxxxx

  18. Aww lovely gifts! The sign is particularly sweet. You are obviousley well loved by the children! Well Done You! I know I wouldn't have the patience unfortunately. x April #89

  19. Oh how cute...there's something about little kiddywinks writing that always gets to me.
    I think you must do an awesome job having so many beautiful gifts.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your well earned break!
    Neesie #13

  20. Oh it is nice to hear a happy school story, I assume you must be Primary. My son is slogging through Secondary now and pines for Primary still. I'm just relieved year 8 is over now, 2 down and 3 to go! BJ#79

  21. How lovely! I've been volunteering in a school while doing my TA training and am amazed at how many gifts I've come home with. TFS, Jo x

  22. As an educator myself, I totally agree. I love working with children too. Blessings!

  23. Well I hope you're enjoying some break...before planning and plotting has to start! It is so heartwarming to read how much you love your work. Vocation indeed.

  24. That little note was too precious, love to hear a teacher that is appreciative of gifts, so many times, I never heard a word back from them :( waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)#50

  25. Teachers are great people Jen, your little gifts and notes are very well deserved. Hope you're looking forward to a great summer... assuming that blinkin' rain ever stops!!

    Brenda 8