Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Time For Yourself Tuesday - Disneyland Special

Did you make time for yourself today?

I did. No new scrapping yet... I revisited all my Disney layouts as I want to finish scrapping the hunreds of photos I took. We have visited Disneyland Paris twice and I have made quite a few 12x12 layouts but there are still so many more to be made for the Disney Scrapbook! So my task over the next few weeks is to:

a) finish scrapping Disney photos (could be working 24/7 on that one)
b) leave lots of Disneyland photos and Paris photos lying around to drop 'subtle' hints to DH that I want to go again... soon... like in August.... or even July.... but this year.... again.... please.....
c) find out if there are any schools in Disneyland Paris - the Disney babies have to go somewhere to be educated, right? I could teach there... I totally buy into the whole magic kingdom thing. All you have to do is believe...

Starting with the boy himself with my boys! I found so many lovely Disney papers to scrap my trip and so many lovely embellishments that I found the pictures and the papers just did the work themselves. The Disney layouts are some of the simplest ones I have ever done but I think they are very striking because they are so simple. The Mickey Mouse in the bottom right hand corner is printed on the paper but the yellow shoes are foam embellishments that I stuck on to make the image pop out of the page. And yes, I gutted the paper underneath the photos to use the scraps on other layouts! Thrifty, thrifty!

Today has been a strange day for me. I am trying really hard to stay focused on my dream and my ultimate goal, but it is hard sometimes. I am a really positive person and very up beat the majority of the time, but some days are uphill days. I am love love loving blogging and I have met so many people in blogland who are just so nice and positive. I feel like you are my friends already. I am finding the blogging very therapeutic - I hope I am not boring you!!!

Hope you still find time for yourself on tuesday.




  1. Hey Jen! Just dropping by to say hello and to thank you for commenting over at my blog. Very sweet of you and your sweet comments. I just want to confess that my vintage card paper that you commented on? Well the whole thing is printed that way with the circles and the music paper peeking through. I wish I had taken the time to do it but it was just some lovely MM paper that I adore and use all the time on these types of cards :-)

    Not much time for myself today but I did run off two cards. I'm doing a bit of a daily card challenge with a friend so this half hour was great.

    love your comments about EuroDisney! I was there once. I haven't done a thing with a single photo. Perhaps I should get mine out. thanks for the inspiration

    1. Thanks for popping by... I love your work and I had no idea about the paper - it looked like you had created it! jenx