Monday, 9 July 2012

Happy Monday Scrapping


Ooh I am really pleased with this one!

Ta dah....

I am really pleased with the way this turned out but I dont think I am quite finished yet. I want to do some more detailed journaling and I have those ribbons and buttons and tassels that i am still toying with.
I made little torches out of squares of paper.
I gutted the paper so I could make the most of that pretty rose design.

I cut out the roses and made the arc above the main photo. I used them because they reminded me of the laurel wreaths the olympians used to wear.
So what did I use.... My Mind's Eye Indie Chic Nutmeg History Blooms, Nutmeg Memories Rose Patch, Nutmeg Hanging Out Rainbow papers, Tombow, Woodware Chippies Alphabet, Woodware foam pads and Colorbox Yellow Chalk Ink to colour the letters.

Phew! It didnt turn out cheesy at all in the end. I just went for it!

Hope you had a happy monday too.




  1. Not cheesy at all. You did a good job capturing the feel of the day.

  2. Thanks. I still think i need to put some detailed journaling on. I think I might make a pocket on the side to pop the journaling card in. Jenx

  3. I've been so looking forward to seeing it, Jen and it does't disappoint. I love your torches, not cheesy at all!!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who guts papers within an inch of their life.
    Hugs Lisax

    1. I like to be thrifty and I love to make the most of patterned paper! jenx

  4. Oh I was waiting for this one and the torches are fantastic and really lift the layout!!!

    1. Thanks for popping by... I started with awful mirri card torches and then sequin waste sheet torches and they just looked awful!!! The zigzagz on this paper worked really well and the flowers inside were supposed to be like the flames.....hmmm! jenx

  5. He Hun I can imagine the reason for the sequin waste but not surprised you changed for these - the sequin waste must have been a nightmare - not very cooperative LOL and the mirror card is always so thick - not great for bending, I like what you've used in this - much better! You've been mighty busy with blog posts love them all particularly the Disney themed one, trying to throw a quick post together before I venture off out today to work - boo hiss - would have much preferred to be at home getting crafty and inky!