Monday, 16 July 2012

Happy Monday Anniversary!

I came in from work to a lovely bunch of flowers - all in pink accents of course!

This is our anniversary card off mam...
First we got a box
 opened it to find a lovely card
 and here it is in all its glory
 gorgeous or what?

Now then, the make and take from Summer Crafting:
 Lovely Anna Griffin ready to go cards. Nice and simple and quick - but sometimes that is quite nice too. Then I got all clever and decided to make a slider card with a sentiment popping out.
 Isn't it awful!!!! I love it when a plan does not come together! Mother of the super cards curled her nose in disgust! lol
Thankyou for all the lovely comments about the Embellishment bags. I really am trying hard to change my life and follow my dream and be brave and it is lovely to have you trotting along on my journey with me. jenx

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